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Soccer, Weight Loss, Trying New Things
I'm actually having a slow day at work.. waiting on other folks to figure out what they want done, so that I can "commit" and move on... in a moment here i'll leave my desk and go find someone to be of service to. As in, HEY YOU! *bang* yep, you're out of it. Let me take your work. J/K...


It has been an *Awesome* weekend, for me anyway. Two soccer games -- relatively good weather albeit a bit rainy. Got some good footage going, got some video edit time...

Q wouldn't have called it as good. Q's team (the OCYSA Legends) plays in a "B" division, and the new team in the division this year is.. SKY Soccer - a former "A" team, who are somewhat pissed about getting knocked down a division. The Legends played them yesterday ("away" game), and actually held them at 2-2.. it was a rough, very physical game.

Then.. playing them again - the "home" game (a re-scheduled game due to weather 2-3 weeks ago) - several things happened:
a) The kids were told that the other team was going to come back even more physical than before.. they got scared. intimidated.
b) The other team was fresh, having not already just played somebody else.
c) they didn't play their best at first... got better by the 2nd half...

Score at the half: 6-0. Score at the end: 8-0. (something like that, lost count). Ouch.

Wow. That was tough. The other team had so much better formation going on, and much better at aim when passing the ball.

Weight Loss

My jeans (Waist 38) were getting fairly baggy.. drives my woman nuts. We went shopping at CostCo.. and did the neck-check thing. And.. size 34 seemed to fit! Bought 'em, took 'em home.. and yes-sir-ee. I can wear 34's now. My weight is still 184.2 (weekly rolling average), but perhaps i'm shifting from that 26.5% body fat down to the 24.5%'s or something. :) Very exciting..

I give myself full permission to loose weight, become smaller (i don't need mass to assert myself anymore, thank you Martial Arts), buy new clothes, and only take in the nutrition that I need (rather than idle eating). I have a life to LIVE! *bounceybounce*

Trying Somethings New

Early Morning Breakfasts: The lady and I are aiming at getting up at 6am so we can enjoy breakfast together, and get our days started off without franticness. Today... eh, we got out at 7am. But, going to still keep trying it.. I want to start the day of nice and slow, with the company of my luvin', eating our fiber and yogurt... I love my woman. My toes curl just thinking about her. *blush* Anway, that's beside the point..

the point being, that with starting the day off early, i can plan stuff more, and "fit more into the stream of life" (as the BB p 86 says)...

My attempted daily routine -
- Journaling in the morning. Spiritual practice stuff.. pp 86 and 417 of the BB of AA 4th ed, + Stand Firm & Science of Mind
- Taking my lunch in to work -- 2 weeks in now? And its going well. I get to spend lunchtime at my desk, and i use that time wisely, between Schlock Mercenary, and today it was installing MS Money 2004 & going over family finances...
- Visiting the Y on the way back home from work - select days (M+W) - haven't done this yet. Its on the plate for today. Along with a haircut.

Shared Computer Space: The other new thing is, we put one of the laptops on the desk with the big desk computer.. so both M and I can be on our computers, doing our thing, yet in each other's presence. Its been wonderful.. no contention around the computer resources. I was doing video stuff, she was doing car investigation stuff... then she's doing Guildwars, and I'm reading web comics.

Sunday House Cleanup - we've done this twice now. M focuses on "picking stuff up", and I focus on dusting/sweeping/vacuuming - yesterday, i did this while listening up to the geekdad's podcast. Totally fabulous.

So.. all in all.. life right now.. VERY GOOD.
Thank you God.



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