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Schlock Mercenaries, The Biggest Looser, Soccer

Listening to the Geekdad's podcast the other day, i got introduced to Howard Tayler who writes Schlock Mercenary.  I have not had this much fun reading a sci-fi adventure with really interesting characters in a LONG time.   Time Travel!  Wormhole Gates!  Nanites!  Artificial Intelligences becoming Autonomous!   

I.. umm.. did spend perhaps 12-16 hours reading everything from 2003 till present.  I haven't gone back to 2000 yet, I can't afford the time. :)
The most recent story arc touched on some interesting subjects, too, like - immortality, biological augmentation, and of course, slowing one's decent in freefall by using a plas-gun pointed at the ground.

Thank you Howard!

Howard's a pretty cool guy too.  Spiritual.. watches Dr Who (the original) with his kids..  very cool.

Wife and I have been watching The Biggest Loser together - its the highlight of Tuesdays.  Its actually very inspiring (for me) to see how good those guys are looking - I admit, I felt a pang of jealousy when some of the dudes blew past my current weight down into the 170's.  My attempts at diet have been.. eh, holding steady around 184 right now, but dang, it can be hard.  I'm so psychologically tuned to eating snackies when i get stressed or bored, and work can be, um, challenging.

Here's to 182!

Work is Work.  Big client unhappy, so we halted work on the current release and went into fire-fixing mode.  I like the simplicity and directness of some of our solutions, however, i dislike the fragmentation inherent in firefighting.    I'm glad that the stuff i've worked on, once I get working on it, seems to have a finite start and a finite end.    Although, dang, some of the messes really do stink.    Can't say more than that, not on a public blog.    Have not taught any classes lately.   Have learned about some crazy stuff to do in SQL, though.. i had no idea you could stick a sub-query in some of the places we've been sticking them. 

I've taken to journalling before I walk into the building, and journalling on the way back out, to try to ease the transition.

Oh, and they've switched from $0.94, kinda-bad coffee to $1.69 (Grande) Starbucks coffee.  I'm .. ok with it.  I like the 'bucks better, especially since they now have half-and-half in a steel jug rather than those mini-moo containers. 

In the morning, i drink Bolthouse Perfectly Protein Mocha rather than making coffee at home -- it works, its pretty good!   

This Saturday is the start of outdoor soccer competition for Q.  First game is at 9, and then Elizabeth (coordinator) has Q reffing several games during the rest of the day.    Yes! Q is a Referee now, he passed ref training.  He can get PAID for SOCCER.  Go Q.   He looks good in the outfit.    I'm also very looking forward to the school games starting up.  I have my video camera ready. :)

M is frustrated about soccer parents who aren't signing up for stuff.   She is the South Oldham Middle School Dragons team soccer mom, after all. :)  I love my girl.

Cheers, and all the best to you, my dear (and few) readers!


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I always want to buy those Bolthouse Farms drinkies, they look so good, but god, they're $4.99 for a thang. I haven't yet been able to bring myself to pay that.

For me, i pour 8oz each day in the morning... (got a bunch of small 10oz plastic cups) ... takes the place of morning Coffee at home (i still get some coffee at work). We get them 2 for $5 at CostCo, so its less expensive that way.

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