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Upgrading the Xbox to HD
I've been yearning to see HD stuff for quite a while.. I am a pixel star.  (or other 4 letter s word).   Yet, it seemed not-right to upgrade Q's basement first before the rest of the family got an HDtv... and the pricetag!  $300+!    Pretty hard to justify that as we're trying to save for a car...

However, I found a way.  I bought an Xbox360 -> VGA cable for $40, and I hooked it up against a little 15" LCD monitor (1024x768).. and the difference is amazing! 

Granted.. these pics were taken by my video camera at 640x480.. yet, i think the difference is still apparent.

Here are some before- and after- pictures in pairs:
xbox menu tvxbox menu vgaThe Xbox Live account screen 
fifa08 gamestart vgafifa08 gamestart xga FIFA08 - Starting a game

These are the resolutions available. I was pretty excited to see 1280x1024.   I intend to upgrade the Q'ster's display to a better one -- right now its at 1024x768.     I have to be careful, if I'm getting him an LCD, that what I get him matches one of these, because I don't want it to upscale the graphics and distort/fuzz up at all.

A note - although we would not spend $300 for an inexpensive HDTV, nor $500 for a good one, the Wife has cleared a lower-cost monitor, as long as it comes after her good-earth shoes and the car.

Now we can actually see what the menu's are saying.. note the curvy fonts that are now apparent for even little details:
fifa08 menu xgafifa08 detail xga

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