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Flu. Nightwatch. Daywatch.
Yar. So, Friday's visit to the doctor .. i has the flu. They give me terminatorixfluxicusimus.. no that's not it... tamiflu? flu knocker drug. And free license on the advil and tylenol every 6 to keep the fever down.. and with fever down, i'm much happier, see, like a garbanzo bean in soup.

Solitary confinement kinda in the upstairs bedroom with the old laptop that can watch DVD's and stuff.. i turned to Netflix Instawatchers.. and I watched two russian movies,  Nightwatch and Daywatch, both good movies, da. I even caught another episode of Doctor who season 1.

now a cat is licking my wrist to death, yikes. 

They tell me i should be good by monday.  As it is, i am functional enough to make funny jokes.. like, uh..   ...   well, okay, dangbit, maybe not so good yet.   Have to find my cheat sheet.  

I love the sounds of languages.. and i love it even more when I can map those sounds to meanings.  Russian "sounds" have been flowing in my brain.. no meaning though.  

ok. lotza luvto yo'all.  enzhoj jor deyz.  

Chowder!  (clam)

*fits of giggles*  yep, i'm not right when i'm sick and its late and i make a post.   Hoooya. 
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I hope you feel 100% very soon, Sunny. I am sorry to hear that you are sick! *BIG HUGS*

Log in to SL! :) My old college roommate is having a fake wedding today - and I made all the bridal party dresses! :) It'll be a blast! *grins*

Thanks for the invite Keels.. i saw it in your blog too. I was well enough to go to Q's soccer game at the same time.

I hope it went well.. looking forward to seeing the pictures in your blog! they're probably already there...

Luci was the official photographer. We didn't get much of a turnout - just people we knew which made it pretty close to a waste of time. Ah, well.

Glad to hear that you are feeling better! That's great you could see the game! Sunny - back from the brink! Woo! :)

I should explain that - it was supposed to be an advertisment for what a wedding would be like, for customers and stuff. So just friends was not really worth the time. It was fun though. :)

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