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My Girl, Health, Keyboard
My girl just got her results from a bloodtest that she did before.
Yes, there is something wrong. It is fixable.
That's all i'll say about that for now till she divulges details.

I have taken sick time for today. I hate it, as sick time = vacation time = PTO. Slept till noon, and on the mend! hacky cough, very weak Sunny.

We bought a new keyboard that we've installed on the upstairs computer. Its a Microsoft Natural all black thing, with very soft keys. Its tickling my fingers.. feels icky to use. Then again, i'm sick so that might be causing my tactile stuff to be all off. I took my other white older style MS Natural KB into work.. i've been using it since 2001.

back to sucking down the healthy tea and napping.
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I hope you both feel better :)

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