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Video camera

Quinn driving in a circle + Grandparent's reactions. Taken with a cellphone.

The cats.. morningtime at my house. :) Taken with a camcorder.

So if there's any big news - we proceeded on the family plan and purchased at camcorder... working with cellphone video was getting painful. We had a desire to capture more of the soccer moments.. y'know, Q elbowing somebody in the back for kicking him in the head... maybe some goals too... and maybe some molymer clay videos too.

I feel guilty for having spent the money. My wife thwaps me (in her words: shall I thwap you now or later?) saying, dude, a) you deserve it, and b) right tool for the right job, which is exactly what I told her to get her the Canon Rebel xTi. Then again, i've been wanting a video camera for a while.. i gave my Hi8 away a long time ago, and I had borrowed my pastor's camera in ames for a year or so, and i've been cameraless for 2 years.

The camcorder I got is a Sony SR45 - records AVHCD to an internal HDD. Very easy to edit with, as long as the software supports it, which is why we also bought pinnnacle 11 ultimate.


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