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Yesterday-ish (Tuesday), I tested for my yellow belt in Kenpo.   I got three things to improve on, broke a board with a palm strike, and passed the test!    So now its on to the orange belt (ie, i have a yellow, working on orange belt techniques to get to orange).

The belt is not all that big.  The coolness of it is, my instructor (Jordan) attacked me with ah overhead strike with a rod, and I step out of the way, slap his arm to the side, and then miss his knee (so I don't maim him) with my leg ... and we do this at real speed, actually somewhat faster than if somebody were attacking me with a baseball bat.

I did Tae-Kwon-Do in the past (and I'll do it again because I love the kicking, body control, and group aspect(s) of it), but man the 1-step and 2-step sparring did nothing for me - Kenpo is filling in the gaps there.    My body is very quickly learning how to handle itself when other bodies are imposing themselves on me.


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