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I tried running Ubuntu on my e-Machines laptop the other day.   It was amazingly good, except - the wireless did not work.
Doing some research, turns out its specific to the chipset that I have, someting about legal reasons why firmware could not be included.  There are directions on how to fix it.  Several sets, in fact.

I've been kinda pleased with what I've seen.    However, the laptop itself is having problems - cursor leaving streaks on the screen, mouse pad going wonky. 
The WAF (For me, that's Wife Acceptance Factor) has been positive - she likes the games :)  

I believe I'm going to ghost the laptop, repartition, install, and see if I can get the wireless working.   Its been so long since I did linux.. i feel like a newbie again.    When I install it, i'll probably go with the AMD64 specific version of Ubuntu, just for kicks.

Ah, it feels good to be geeky again.
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