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Downloading video from my Tivo

With the reformatted shuttle box being all clean and stuff, I re-investigated what it takes to download Tivo from my video. What I found is:

- TyStudio (?) didn't want to talk to my tserver_mfs7. I thought I needed a new tyserver... so I found the combination tserver/vserver package for my Series 1 Tivo. Turned out to be incorrect.
- The integration between MPlayer and vserver does not seem to be working. It will play .ty files, but won't stream them.
- TyTools 10R4 was still the way to go for me.

So, if I want to watch something on my computer, I start downloading it via TyTools 10R4.. then I start playing it in MPlayer.. and it works! one doesn't block the other. Yay!

Then on to more fun stuff - Videora, the video converter for my iPod - could convert the .mpg split files from TyTools 10R4. I am now able to put Inhale on my Ipod --

although, that really doesn't do me very much good. Its akward to try to look at the pod when doing some of those yoga moves.
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And all that mess is why I just download via bittorrent and stream via TVersity to my Xbox 360 in the living room.

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