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Decision is Made... Staying with employer for now.
The previous post was flocked, so ya might not have seen it... that's okay.

I was entertaining an offer to go elsewhere... and I was serious about it. When i turned in my resignation, my current employer sat down with me. We went through "why I was leaving" - and we addressed all the points, including salary. They really want me to stay, and they really appear to be serious about making the team into a sane, functional dev team.

So, we came up with a spreadsheet - things in their control, and things in my control - and for now, I'm going to stay with them. Except with the better pay. And things like the boss's order that I am to tell people who wish to interrupt me, that I need to go see him, and the request from him that if I have a pain point, when he says "is there anything else we need to discuss today" at the staff meeting, I *bring it up*. Shweet!

Pursuant to the raise i'm getting (effectively 25%), the Wifeling and I looked at cars online last night. And Macs. In short: we'll buy a vehicle in March, and we're not going to get a Mac right now, not till this laptop dies.

I feel.. very grown up, and very honest.    I like it. 


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