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Updated my resume... rehauled my website.
I spent some time overhauling my resume tonight - some folks have been asking for it. (see locked posts for more details). I uploaded a PDF over to my website at http://www.sunnywiz.org ... however, i'm not going to directly link to it as it has my reference's email addresses and phone numbers embedded. But, if you'd like to see it, go to the above site and add a resume.pdf to the URL.

I also went over the information in http://www.sunnywiz.org - it was last updated in 2005. Wow. Since then, i've changed states, gotten married, become a dad, and learned how to trim my beard (not that I keep up on it). However, i did it very quickly with Microsoft Word and then saved it out as a html file, so it looks horrible with broken links and stuff.

We got a landline! Or, the Phone Company turned it on for us. The wiring in the house is atrocious, and hooking up to the raw wire coming in - its giving a wierd dialtone, a high tone i think its called. So, on the weekend, i'll be opening up the NI (network interface) and seeing if there's any phone jacks to test with there.. If it works from there, i'll be re-wiring the phone lines into the house. Whee!

And! the Tree has been cleaned up. I'll be spending time this weekend fixing the fence.