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The Cat
We're now into the first week of home-insulin-cat-injection.

- I no longer faint at the syringe.
- Whiskey and I have developed a routine. She's ok with receiving the shots, i give them to her while she's eating. The Vet laughed - turns out most of the time, the problem is only with the owner, not with the cat.
- She's now 6.4 lbs as of last night! She's even started leaving food in the bowl - so she's not starving all the time. Very good! Currently still feeding her the hard DM food. I don't want to switch that till i can do blood sugar readings at home...
- I don't have any blood sugar readings at home. The ones I posted earlier from her chart were incorrect. Its more like, she oscillated between 150-ish to 300-ish daily, rather than a steady decline. I might get a home tester sometime, around $100 and would require additional, umm, trust from my cat, as getting blood from them can be a bit more painful than giving a shot.
- Letting the cats out for 30 minutes to an hour at night works wonders for their curiosity and emotional state. Not to mention, my wife looks so cuddly with a cat perched on her.
- I think the cats have learned they can get a good reaction from Molly by sticking their butts in her face. :)
- the 6am and 6pm regimen is doing well for me. It forces me awake in the morning, and it forces me to come home at night. I have to build everything else around that. Structure!

Go Whiskeydoodle. I love you little kitty.


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