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And the bough came tumbling down...
Rock a bye branchy
On the dead tree
Hang-ing above
the neighbor's fencie

When the wind blows
the branchy will drop
onto the neighbors
fence with a PLOP!

More like a splinta-crasha-thuddawumpus.

[Update: Images: ]
View into neighbor's Yard 2View into neighbor's Yard 1Mess of tangled branchesMolly Surveys the Damage

Anyhoo. Tree guy coming in a few hours. [Update: here now] Luckily, we've been putting $ away every paycheck. Else, we'd have to sell the Wii and the XBox360 or something. I'll fix the fence later this week.. only 32 boards and some crossbeams, it missed the posts (thank goodness!)

Its been a weekend. In addition to the tree-floppy-wumpus, we also had the water-flowing-grumpus in the "patio" room. Molly seems to be the one who would talk about that in her bloggy. My part was several hours of using sponges to absorb the water into a bucket.. 11 buckets later, the rain stopped. So much for $20k of regrading the back yard. Feh.

Molly and I agree - we are condo-owners at heart.

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Was the tree just very old, and that is why it smashed down? Well, very good that it didn't land on anyones head, or house.. Tis still a shame that it had to happy so close to the Holidays.

I hope that the rest of your Holidays are free of anymore random acts of nature.

It was an old, dead tree. We meant to axe it sooner, but we postponed.. just a bit too late.

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