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I uploaded some pictures off my cellphone! (we no longer pay the extra $15 for the internet stuff, so i have to do it via cable).

Quinn at Paintball
Quinn's Paintball Party
On the Sunday after his birthday, he and I went to play paintball at Open Range in Crestwood. He called around to a bunch of his friends, and the result: about 6 dudes playing paintball.

Spider in my Eye!
A Spider In My Eye!
This is as close to a horror picture i'm ever going to get. Earlier in the year, we found a huge spider at Q's Granny's house. I tried to pose to get it on my eye. You can barely see it.

My cat, btw, is doing very well. Her blood sugar:

410 <- monday
290 <- tuesday
190 <- wednesday evening

She's not back from the Vet, i'm going to call and see what they think. She was very tired, and scared, when I saw her on Wednesday, but she perked right up and cuddled with me some before I had to put her back in her cage. Little purr monster. I love that cat.

Arr! someone has spilled sprite on my computer desk in front of the keyboard. Arr!
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You have the most amazing look on your face in the spider pic. :) It's like a look of surprise plus a bit of mirth.

And paintball. Yeowch! Have they de-tuned the guns in the last few years? I tried it in 1999 with a few co-workers, and I had bruises for over a week. (It was fun, just not worth that much pain.)

It didn't hurt.. then again, i was wearing chest armor, and this time I knew how to dress. We played reball, which is little rubber balls without splatter. A little sting, no bruises.

Very happy to hear about your cat doing better! :)

The cat!

That's pretty awesome. Glad to hear she's coming down so quickly with her blood sugar. Should have her home in no time. :)

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