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The cat hath been delivered to the Vet...

My Vet's name is Dr. Loster Manta. He's a very cool dude, very easy to talk to, very willing to go into technical details if you want to go there. Leaves the decisions up to the parent.

We could have either done in-home insulin treatment, or give the cat to the vet. Decided to give her, because due to work schedule, nobody would be around to see her if she went into shock from too much insulin. This way they can see how she reacts so they'll know how much to give her...

he's going to try a treatment protocol which involves specifically a certain kind of insulin and a certain kind of diet. The result from this treatment (his stats: 2/2 the he has treated have made it) is that they come back down to normal, the organs start working again, and the insulin doze decreases, and usually the cat eventually doesn't need insulin. Sounds good to me.

If the cat continues to depend on insulin, then we'll go to a more long term stance.. at which point, i'll probably put the cat on Merrick's. The other cat, I'm definitely putting on *something* other than what she was eating. Merrick's will do, methinks.

hoshisabi's wife has been most helpful in plying me with information.. the highest quality, i might add, after doing my own researchings. Thank you very much!


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