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Diabetic Cat
The vet called tonight with the blood sample / urine sample results.
My cat Whiskey has been diagnosed with Diabetes.

She's currently 6 of her normal 15 lbs.
Bad cat-parent has been working too much, ignored the cat until just this week.

We're getting her the low-carb food tomorrow.
I've been reading up a bunch.. so that my insides have something to navigate with.

No wonder the litterbox has been smelling so much as of late.

I love my kitty.

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Cat Nutrition

First, a site:

One of many, actually. Most of the nutrition information I've found for cats recommends a completely raw diet. I don't know about you, but I am fairly convinced that I am not nearly grown up enough to take responsibility for feeding my cats a raw diet. I can't even manage to feed myself correctly, for crying out loud. There are alternatives, though.

One of my boys was having some serious digestive issues. He was often vomiting after eating. I switched him to a grain free canned food from Wellness and that's stopped. Dental health may be a concern with a predominantly canned diet, but you sound like you're in a position to budget for that kind of extra expense.

The point? The more I read, the more leery I am of dry food for cats. They're carnivores. Most of the diet they were intended to have runs away from them. Be careful with dry foods, though. Grains are BAD. Look for foods that list meat products as the first SIX ingredients. Science Diet, Iams... They're not what they're purported to be. Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul is a 5 star (out of 6) dry food and relatively cheap. (It's better for them. They will eat less of it.) There's some good dry food out there. You just need to look a little before finding it.

Good luck with your kitty!

Thank you ...

I'm questioning the Purina/DM that the Vet gave us, and looking much stronger at Merrick instead.

And.. i don't know who you were, you didn't leave a name?


Re: Cat Nutrition

Signing in is such a pain!

Merrick is one of my favorites. Granted, I only use the canned food from Merrick because the cost of dry in comparison to Chicken Soup is scary. But the canned is darned impressive for both dogs and cats. Quality ingredients, nice presentation, and the dog's never complained. The cats, however, did take issue with some of the seafood varieties of canned. One of them refuses to eat any seafood variety at all. (Must be an allergy. He vomited after eating it once and wouldn't touch any of them again.)

Merrick's a six star food for dogs. I believe it's also a six star for cats, but I can't remember offhand. The best brand I've seen thus far is Innova, which may be a little harder to find and a little more expensive.

Purina DM has an awful lot of grains in the ingredient list. One thing I've learned is that vets frequently have the best intentions, but are also human. Sometimes, the food they recommend is chosen because they receive money from the sale of those foods. Sometimes, they recommend food aimed at treating only one symptom the cat may be experiencing. Research is your best friend! Ask a million questions. If your vet doesn't want to take the time to thoroughly discuss any questions you may have, it's probably time to look for a new vet.

Here's another link for you. (Mind you, it's a point of reference. I'm not endorsing it.)

~hoshisabi's wife

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