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I am le boy musical
M's mom was cleaning house.. and she found some instruments... which she was going to give to goodwill. Asked if I was interested in them.

I took home with me: a Trumpet, and an Accordion.

Not just any accordion. Its like a 1930's Italian 120-bass piano accordion. If it was all cleaned and the buttons reattached and the belts redone, about $1000 in the used market. Wow.

I finally figured out how to wear it a few days ago...

and then last night, in search of something to do which did NOT involve a computer screen, i got it on, and it was good.

It uses this cool system.. i was almost going to say chromatic, but that's something else... masking out all the other buttons, its like this:
    F  C  G   D 
            Gm  Am
              G7  A7 

My fingers haven't found their homes just yet, although the stuff on the piano side is going well (thanks to my early childhood experience with a harmonium.. thanks bhai)


I want to re-figure out how to play all my old favorites.. Richard Cory.. Boxer.. Obladi.. etc

PS: Yesterday - i woke at 6am, but slept till 8. Back home from work at 9pm. Not quite the regimen. Today ... up at 7:45, still at home. I have Kenpo tonight (if I call Jordan)

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I am sure that my great uncle is smiling at the thought of someone, not ONLY playing that blasted thing, but figuring out how old it is and everything else you have done.

BTW, it was Aunt Mickey's husband (popaws brother) who gave it to us.

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