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I am feeling SOOOOO much better now. I've actually been awake since about 3pm, and getting stronger... the phlem has turned to gel now...
i got my paycheck.. *I got a raise!* ... totally unexpected, but my boss said I earned it...

yet... the thing I am MOST aware of right now is... a Zit. On my upper right cheek. And I do mean on my face. Just the right spot so that I can kinda see it with my peripheral vision. Its driving me NUTS!

Everything seems to be sliding into place.. i found out i could rent speakers from Riemans for pretty cheap ($35/pair/night).. they have inexpensive music stands there.. the puppet show is sliding into place.. i'm no longer going to be Mr Rogers..

Wow. I am INSANE. Why did I agree to do this? wasn't my life complex enough already? Sheeesh. And heaven help me, i'm already thinking about the next show... a Monty Python: The Holy Grail re-enactment. I promise myself, won't start that till August. With the new church building thing happening, prolly will take that long for things to settle down.

I am *SO* behind on my accounting. Have receipts from early March that I ain't entered into Quicken yet. *sigh*. And Secretary work too.. i need to get minutes done. Good news is, i can get 'em done post-April-23rd.. so that's cool, that's sluffable.

I had some neat dreams too. There was this one where... somebody who used to be very important to me, said to me: "Sunny, if you don't _____, then when I leave, i'm not going to miss you." It was a definite sense of, something that i was doing was annoying this person, and she was starting to get fed up. And there was the feeling that I knew she was going to leave regardless... but i still felt, man, i don't want to be that kind of a person who annoys her... but yet, i had no clue what it was I was doing that was annoying her.

And Whiskey is being a bjork. She is... "queen cat" all of a sudden.. and she INSISTS on walking up my chest and burying her face in my chin. Which, whilst I have the sniffles, is the LAST thing that I want. But she doesn't take no for an answer. I've tried to be nice, i've tried to warn her by sound, ... but she's so daft, she doesn't get it. I think she's having a hard time, actually ... she is gaining lots of weight now that she's dewormed, and ... she wants to be outside hunting, and she doesn't get to do that now that we've moved, and so... everything is, "I'm Bored". "Sunny, Fix It". Poor baby.

I'm also really behind at work, having been sick for two days. On one hand, though, that highlights the really important stuff that I need to do. So, i guess, life is simple that way.

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Congrats on the raise! (I didn't get mine this year. We are supposed to get 25 cents a year, but the city's on a pay freeze) Glad you're feeling better, too! :)

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