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I went to church
I went to church today.
I go to a Unity church in Middletown. They're small and cute and very friendly.
I got there late.
I didn't want anybody to see me get there late.
So I went upstairs instead of in the main seating area.
I got filled up.
I had forgotten that I was empty.

Then I met my girl at Moe's for lunch.

Its been a little crazy lately. Thanksgiving holidays.. and here I had been working 60,70 hour weeks at work... and I slowed back down again. I had forgotten how to relax. My cold/cough/whatever caught up to me. I'm better today. I still sound like.. like.. i have an alien hatching in my throat.

On our plate right now -
- work right now is fairly crappy. That's going to start taking bandwidth again tomorrow.
- appraiser is coming tomorrow as part of our refinance. A little nervous. We cleaned the house.
- Invisible Fence is working well. Dogs are almost ready to be set free without a leash. Thank goodness.
- We (not I) did a real life honest to goodness what do we actually spend that we have to budget. It was awesome to watch my wife take over the laptop and start adjusting numbers telling me what she's doing. It was good.. gave me a good feeling. We can't afford Fritz' haircuts anymore.

Things I would liketo/needto do, just for me -
- I gotta do the Y thing. Working out has such a huge effect on me. My last workout was like a week ago. I love working out. I could still jog the last time I worked out, which is awesome. I have a gym bag all prepped. This wednesday, i'll be working out.
- I'm starting to dislike coke. It tastes GREAT.. but dang, i bloat up a LOT. Switched it out for diet coke today. Didn't even finish the glass. I got the fizzy, and I got the cafeeine. I dislike bloating.
- I gotta do the church community thing. It fills me up. I've let it slide the last few weeks.. life got busy, working weekends, y'know? But then what happens is when i go back, i feel like an outsider.. even if everybody is glad to see me, but y'see, i haven't been doing my part, which is showing up.
- I gotta put warm clothes next to the bed so that I can get out of bed without freezing my ass off.. so that I can get wake up at 6am and start my day on my own terms, which are much slower than the terms of my family. It takes me a full 2 hours to get ready in the morning, going at my pace. It takes them 15-30 minutes. Usually I wait till their whirlwind is done before I get up, but then I have to bust ass to get to work on time. So.. warmer clothing near the bed!
- I gotta do the martial arts thing. I missed my last one due to .. work.. and If i don't step up to it now, i'm going to stop in this one too. And I don't want to do that. I'm almost at my first belt test.
- I have to draw the line on the work thing. I can't afford to do the overtime.. the rest of my life falls apart way too easily. When I was single, no problem .. i could bounce back. Now ... it takes a long time for the system to righten itself. So what would that be? leave for work at 8, leave work at or by 6.

In other cool news..
- the neighbor up the street got his Xmas lights show going again. Its pretty cool.. and its nice knowing that I almost had a part in it. I'm still on deck to do the beattrack for the song for next year.
- My dad is currently in India.. doing official diplomat work, assisting something between the Indian and Liberian governments. Way cool.
- The Xbox360 has been budgeted and approved! M is on it. We have the cash.
- The kitchen floor might be coming soon! M is on it. We have the cash. The cousins have been notified.
- We (M&I) might be playing indoor soccer via her church. :) Could be cool. Q says he'll come watch just to laugh his ass off.
- We are playing ze Wiiiiii! I'm working on Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess right now. I just passed M on it (she passed me last time). I just turned back into a human again. Still 3 hearts of health.

Things I would like to do, given more time & energy -
- make a picture post. :) I want to show off the clean garage (almost), the finished kitchen (almost), the new temporary family room (almost), the project room (yes!), the clean basement (yes!), and the dining room (medium-rare), and the makeover in the bedroom (yes!)
- scan in the calendar for November and December.. chicken kitchen-scratches of what the family has been up to.
- spend more time with the kid.. like during the day! pass a soccerball or something. Not late at night.
- disc golf.
- halo. practise. do. not. panic.
- read the rest of my email. A lot of email i just tag with "00ReadLater" and archive. Lots of DollarStretchers in there, and jokes that people have sent.
- Read my friends list. :( I have like a month to read right now.

Cheers, and enjoy life, all you beautiful people.

(@#$!, I need to charge my cellphone and iPod)


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