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Offer: Closet Doors/Shelves/Trim in Pewee Valley (link to pictures)
This is a post for freecycle -- will be sent as an email as well.

We have some stuff to give away as a result of doing some house cleaning.

Reply to me to place dibs on things. I will reply with the address if you get it. Items are in the driveway, we do not need to be home for you to pick them up. First-come-first-served. Everything goes in the dumpster when the trash guy comes on Thursday.

Everything to give away: (Fence, trees, and driveway not included :] )

Closeups (click to go to flickr where you can zoom in):

  • Light oak paneling (for use on cabinets)
  • 2 Closet doors (may not have the metal sproingy things)
  • Baseboard trim, ceiling trim
  • Chicken wire

  • quarter-round (several lengths, some wood, some plastic)
  • off-white shelves in decent condition
  • toe-kick for cabinets

  • Several other larger shelves - note, some of them are sawed in the middle
  • From this angle, you can see more of the detail in the trim

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Hey Sunny...never realized you were that close by! You should drop by and sit in on the show sometime!

Dude, that would be cool :)

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