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The Reception (and after)

And to the Candy:

And the building:
DSC09306p Unitarian Church exterior panoramic panorama + Eds

And the fellowship hall:
DSC09340p Unitarian Church Sanctuary panoramic panorma built

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames is what would have been my home if I hadn't settled at Unity. As it were, I felt a kind of dual citizenship with the place.. I knew a lot of people that went there, i felt totally comfortable being there, I knew and liked the minister, and I went there often for yoga (With Ruth-Anne Hadish - she has a website now.. see bachelor party post).

The clean-up was taken care of by Greta on behalf of Beyond Welfare, which is another organization that I am glad I could support.

I fondly remember: that Auntie Poornima Patel showed up. She's the lady who made all the indian food (Samosa's, Vegetable thingies, and Gulaab Jamoon).

I remember: that apparently we set the volume for the music too low.. then as we were sitting around talking, the volume got a LOT louder. Apparently Alex W and David M (or was it Sebastian?) had started playing with the volume settings.. cranking it up all the way. Go kids!

I remember: feeling a bit bad for some of my friends. They showed up to the reception only... and I only got to spend a little time with them. They didn't really mingle with anybody else.. then again, i guess I'm not in control of that. Charlie and Jim, thank you for coming. I hope I get to spend time with you guys again.

I remember: That we lost our signed contract thingy. What happened is, at the end of the party, we've packed the car, and Molly can't find it. She freaks. We call. Turns out her brother in law Matt W had taken it with, and he thought she'd seen him do that, but apparently she hadn't. :)

Obligatory eating of the cake pic:

For the most part.. it went so fast! there were so many people to love on.. I hope everybody had a good time. I know the babble crowd did, they kinda got caught up with each other. I'm glad we could do this, because it looked like if it hadn't been for us, probably would not have been an October Halloween party. We did reconvene at Dublin Bay later on to focus on this particular set of our lovable friends:
DSC09561 Chris Benny Bensend inspecting his black and tan beDSC09562DSC09563 Stuart and Benny 10-27-2007 6-46-51 PMDSC09565
Seems like everybody has kids now, so perhaps the next party will be a joint kids/adults type party.

After Dublin bay, we went to the Barn dance... didn't get to stay there as long as would have liked, but it was very much fun. Macki was a total doll, she and Ed danced several sets together.
DSC09568 Barn Dance after the reception 10-27-2007 8-18-46 P

Note to self: Look around here, take Macki and Molly to barn dance locally.

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Great pics, and I do like the wedding outfits that you all wore. Good stuff!

Looks like a VERY fun time, and I like the wedding outfits. They were perfect methinks.

Love the idea of frisbee golf for a bachelor party event, that's classic!

:) Thanks Droops

My poor little guy looks like he's saying "Holy crap, get me off this crazy lady's back!" Hee!

Awesome pics Sunny, and congrats again. It was really special to be able to be at your wedding!

What a wedding!

We had so much fun at the wedding and the candy table was to die for. It was great to see you and fun family. Your wife has such good energy- you match!


I forgot to say love, darci in the comment above.

Thank you Dar :)

We got our pictures from you and love them! Thank you.

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