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The Wedding Itself

The Wedding Itself

I remember Colleen showing up in a Saree. Last time she wore one was at a Divali party in like 1998 or so... and it was so awesome, mom helped her adjust it and get it worn so it won't fall over. My mom and Colleen had met before... when X24 and Colleen came with me up to St Cloud, MN to visit with her. I think my friends Michael and Kathy were there too, back then.. and they were here at the wedding too! I am so grateful for friends who've known me and stuck with me over the many years.. with Michael, its almost 20 years now! Yay!

The wedding took place at Unity Church of Ames, which had been my spiritual home for.. well on 7 years? 9 years, says Phil Clausen. I remember when he and Sally were dating, and they've been married 9 years now, and I moved to Louisville 1.5 years ago, so at least 7.5 years. I am so grateful for having such solid and beautiful roots.
DSC09366 Unity Church front door day of the wedding 10-27-20

I'm so grateful that our service was so special. It was special because.. i was able to tailor it so that my mom felt affirmed.. and it was also meaningful for both Molly and I.

During the service.. well, what kind of service did we have? Observe the following links --
DSC09408 Molly and Sunny Wedding programDSC09409 Molly and Sunny Wedding program page 1 that is mackDSC09410 Molly and Sunny Wedding program page 2DSC09411 Molly and Sunny Wedding program back page

During the period of silence, first Colleen spoke.. about how she knew the two of us and never imagined that we'd end up together.. then my mom spoke.

My mom went through the seven vows that are spoken when people circle the sacred fire in hindu culture. At the end of each one she would say, "and with this, we take the first step". And then M+I.. we didn't rehearse this, btw.. we would take the step. She did that for all 7 steps.. we almost fell off the stage :) It was beautiful. (note to self: get the exact wording of the vows from mom)

Other things we did which honored our families -
1. My mom entrusted me into the marriage.. she walked down the aisle with me.
2. Q walked down the aisle with M, and entrusted her into the marriage.
3. We gave Q a necklace as part of the ceremony. He jumped up onto the stage, and then leaped off, just like a 12 year old boy should do. And he was decked out it his duds. Looked good.
4. At the end of the service, we bowed in front of, and received blessings from: My mom+dad, M's mom+dad, M's grandparents, and M's aunt+uncle. Her aunt and uncle surprised us by verbally chanting a blessing (note to self: which one was that?)

Here's a picture of us yahoodles on stage (during the picture shoot b4 the wedding): Christy, Molly, Sunny, and Ed.

Pretty damned cool. Yep.

On the way out, Q got both M and I straight in the face with the birdseed. Go kid!

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Your wedding was beautiful and Luci & I had a great time! Thank you so much for inviting us. It was wonderful to be there. :)

Michael was up to see your mother all those years ago, but for some reason I was unable to go. I know I wanted to, but didn't end up going. This past weekend was the first time I met her, but I have heard so many good things - it was like I had before. Your mother is a very sweet lady. :D

*HUGS* Please take care and pass our love to your family! *grins*

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