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Heading out for the wedding...
Tomorrow, we are off to Iowa for ze wedding.

Probably won't get to leave till noon, is my guess - we have to stop by the bank, deliver the kid, get our nails done (together, yes), and swing by my workplace (i left a charger and mic there)... there's probably a few more things in there as well.. oh yeah, feed the cats + 2 litter boxes...

Our latest wedding preps:
- packing everything. Did we forget anything? Candy. Outfits. Oh yeah.. Rings & Certificate!
- I went to a salon. Fritz's. I got primped up. Facial, and like the best damned haircut and beard trimming I have ever gotten. M thinks I look Hot. Q thinks I look thinner.
- We cleaned out the car. [would-be-picture goes here] <-- darn. packed the camera already.
- We moved a fridge!. Well. there's a story with this. It involves.. water shutoffs that don't shut off, shutoff valves which break, a friendly Home Depot guy, M holding on to my arm as I lean in to crank some wrench, rachet straps that don't untangle, and dried caramel goo that finally dissolved with dishwashing liquid. Maybe M will tell you.

Our kitchen is about done! We got some 24" barstools to go with the island, which is where we've been dining (as we don't yet have a place for a dining table). Its a beauty!
[many pictures] <-- darn. packed the camera already.
It was important to M that when we get back home, that our house is clean and in order. I totally understand that too. We're going to do something about the garage organization when we get back, that's for sure. Both of us greatly desire to have people over.

How Am I feeling?
I'm excited about getting married. I love this girl, i love this family, and she is supportive of me. WOOT!
I'm excited about the trip.. as it is an unrushed trip. We might even take a detour on the way there through Bloomington.
I'm looking forward to my growth over the next few years. Forming further new communities.. new places to volunteer and be of service... new work to do.

We were scoping out a used Mercedes-Benz ($1250) in our neighborhood. It looks like somebody has already bought it though. :(

And... I got a new Ipod! 80Gb Classic 5th gen black (video enabled)..

How it happened:
- i've been drooling for one for a long time
- we had the wedding reception playlist on my old 2nd or 3rd gen iPod.. firewire.. and:
- can't find the wall-recharge plug!

As I can only recharge it on the desktop that has firewire.. and it doesn't hold a charge for too long.. and they don't make firewire rechargers anymore.. and its wedding related.. and I've wanted to upgrade for a long time... and so we made the family decision to buy me a new iPod. Woot! I love this family bidness. My needs do get met.

The coolness I have found with it:
a) I bought Sudoku for it. Its a surprise for M. She likes the 'doku.
b) The software I use for squishing movies onto the PSP.. the same moves also work on the IPod. And I can grab 'em from the Tivo. Woot. (looks like there's other software do this more automatically as well)
c) It does a muuuuch better job of presenting Podcasts, which I do listen to. (Mostly Hanselminutes, though on trips I seem to listen to Podculture. Hi Brad! I'm going to listen to your Halo 3 episode on the way)
d) It sucked up all my pictures and put them on there too.. albeit in squished form.
e) My old series-whatever was touch-sensitive. This means if I reach over and touch it wrong, it would do some random thing. Not good. Very bad, even. This one has proper BUTTONS. yay.

I survived a pretty heavy workweek last week, getting things wrapped up on a project before heading out. I ended up having to transition the work to another group of people.. and wow, it went pretty well. I got the last of the complex plumbing done about noon on Friday, and we farted around with the software till about 5:30.. I think I properly impressed the QA guy who was watching it. I am very proud of the work that I did. :) Yet.. also aware that i was avoiding feelings by working more, perhaps. Ah well, it was good. I worked with the blessings of my family, and that was a totally different feeling than me arguing with myself as to what the priorities were when I was single.

Ok, that's about it. I'm a bit peckish.. might make me a PB&J+M.


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You sound so.... uh... metrosexual.

So you guys swinging by Cedar Rapids on the way to Ames? :)

Hmmm... Every wonder why you are friends with this guy??? *laughs*

Have a safe trip, and enjoy! Hopefully there will be LOTS of pictures! Just don't forget to unpack the camera. ;)


I really wish I could be there to share in the experience of your wonderful day, and hope that you can forgive me that I am unable to.

It's great to see that you are mostly relaxed and what a treat to have all of your primping!! :)

Looking forward to seeing you and M on your big day! *bounces around*

all the very best to you and M. celebrate and enjoy the moment!

Even though you probably won't see this until you've gotten to safe :-) How exciting that you're a few days away from getting married!

We are looking forward to your big event. Can't wait to see you all dolled up!!! Darci

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