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Side note - past birthdays
Oct 2007 - about to get married. 2 cats, 2 dogs, my lady, and a youngster in my life.
Oct 2006 - apparently working like a dog for lucincia. Living in KY, life in transit.
Oct 2005 - Movienight at my house; work caters mexican food. Sally the Dancing Gorilla.
Oct 2004 - Housewarming party in Ames for my house (later sold in 2007)
Oct 2003 - (? no idea.) (IIRC, i had a lot of recovery stuff going on, and some of the ladies at the district meeting made me a cake.)
Oct 2002 - Siju & friends surprise me with birthday cake at my mobile home. I turned 30. E-Man makes me a cool poster.
Oct 2001 - ?
Oct 2000 - ?
Oct 1999 - ?
Oct 1998 - ?
Oct 1997 - BBQ with Jim+Robin+my-then-gf-SLS, out in the park near Polk City.
previous years - ?

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Birthday 2000 was shortly before I left DM...but I don't remember specifically what I did on that day. I know I visited Ames a couple of times that week though. ;)

wow, 2000 was that year? When we went clubbing to .. La Boheme? dang, i would have thought it was 2002 or something like that.

Ok, so that puts me.. with the mobile home already at that time?

That was a fun set of weekends.

For some reason, I'm drawing a blank on the club. Hmm.

But yes, you were living in the mobile home. And I left Iowa on October 16th.

Happy Birthday!!

I knew it was coming up soon! I'm so glad things are going well.

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