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Happy Birthday To Me!
Its my birthday plus one. I type this on the laptop, which I have borrowed up into the bedroom. The cats are investigating this room, M is sleeping with light snores... life is good.

I was going to go find my previous birthday posts and see what I was up to then. Feh, i'll do that another time. The sum of today was -- a good day of work; followed by really good take-out from Cafe360 which we ate at home... then Molly's parents' for a gift for me, and then watching a nice Jewish movie with my girl.. and now.. very soon.. bed.

If something is different about this birthday.. its something like.. i'm no longer wondering ooh what shall I do with my life. I am now a member of the pack of ZMG.. and dang, that's more than I can keep up with. :)

Birthday loot:
- socks * (story about this)
- peace, quiet, and serenity from Bed Bath and Beyond (story about this too)
- baggy thing for keeping food cold to take to work thingy thing thing.
- my girl dressing up in a dress for me. (damn she's cute)
- cuisinart coffee maker from M's mom
- cheesecake
- indian take-out
- phone calls from my mom, stepdad, and brother
- emails from some of my buddies. Hi Buddies!
- cards!
- thai food for lunch courtesy of my boss (story about this)
- quiet time - i hung out in an empty parking lot in some shade for about an hour, just sitting there. It was wonderful. I took a nap for about half an hour, stretched out in the cab o' me truck.

Tomorrow is a special day -- its a pre-wedding-celebration-party at my in-law's house. They've invited their social circle over; my mom was going to come too, but she broke her wrist (ouch) and she's not better enough to drive. We want her to make it to the Iowa wedding later this month, so i'd rather she heal.

Ok. darn, 1:51am.. 2 hours on the laptop and this is all I could come up with? Well, i spent some time reading GeekDad and Wookiepedia, it was fun.

PS: zandria72 had a birthday too. We share a birthday.

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Glad to hear your birthday was spectacular! ^_^

Happy Birthday, Sunny!

Have a very Happy birthday!
May it be lovely!

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