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The RSVP's are rolling in. :) Looks like there will be more than just us at the wedding. This is good.

The Kid's team did pretty well this weekend: 2-1-0. There's a rankings page out there.. lessee.. here. We're #4 in our league, trailing #2 and #3 by one point; that might change, i haven't done the math yet. They should update that link in the next day or so with the weekend's games.

The US Women are playing Brazil! Thursday, Sept. 27 at 8am EST. Brazil's Marta is simply amazing; it should be an interesting match up. I might go into work a little late that day. FIFA Women's World Cup Focus on US, US National Team page.

Molly's got our wedding certificate (the one everybody gets to sign) all planned.. dang, she's creative. I'm so glad I'm partnering with an artsy++, gamergirl++, intelligent++, solid++, beautiful++ babe. *swoons thinking about it* She's also got nefarious candy plans going.

On wedding stuff, I'm trying to hook up the setup/cleanup for the reception. We're hoping to hire a campus group to do it... in case that doesn't pan out, then we'll go with friends in Ames. Ah, the joy of project management.

I also get to start coding on the "big project" this week. Its the same project as a few months ago, except now its "due" and high enough in the priority list to actually allow me to work it. I'm glad. I made some headway today. Me and this other guy (who's doing UI) sat down and coded up the interfaces that he'll need to access the data. I guess today was merging code from older repositories into the current one.. i'll be doing some data model modifications as well. Yay! Progress!

Oop, my deinstall is done. Oracle, btw, sucks *ss -- I've been struggling with getting a working client since Friday. Sheesh. Back to installing, and this time, I'm cleaning the registry first.


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