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Katch me if you Kitchen
We've had a busy time at family ZMG.. or MZG.. or whatever we're called. (Q's gamertag is ZMG44, for our three last names, and the wedding invites have our initials on them as well)...

I have all these pictures I want to update with, but haven't had time to get them off the camera, upload them, etc. Someday... soon.. sometime...

Wedding update -

My mom got involved big time with wedding planning stuff. Its been kinda nice. Molly and I agreed that while we protect the limits of what happens in the ceremony and the underlying themes of the reception, that if our parents want to do stuff outside of that, then its only right that we let them, while keeping an eye to our energy-levels (not too much in the same day)... I was able to deputize three of my friends to help mom with details that she needed about stuff in Ames and Des Moines, so its been pretty good.

All the addresses for invitations are in (and addressed!) except for two. I think we're going to send them really soon. Molly's got that covered...

We do not yet know exactly what we're wearing. We've ordered some stuff from India, but who knows if it will get here on time. Mom has been finding backup plans for us left and right, so I don't think there's any panic there yet... will likely go with the backup plan next week if nothing else happens.

Kitchen update -

Our Kitchen is getting there! Cabinets are hung, appliances show up this Friday.. Countertop soon, then the plumber comes back, then the electrician comes back, and then it should be usable! We still have a floor we need to think about; because of budget we might end up doing laminate ourselves.

Q update:

Biiig bike crash yielding blood. Molly almost fainted. I have pictures of the injuries... In his words.. the foot and the pedal got messed up, he was swerving to avoid something, handlebar twisted over, went flying, slid 6 feet through gravel, bike landed on top.

Legends soccer team - interesting stuff going on there. One of the coaches resigned and it was not pretty. The good news, I guess, is the assistant coach, whom the kids respect a lot, has stepped up, and most folks agree that he's a very good coach. One of the moms is now the new assistant.

We're getting along reasonably well, i'd say. Lately, i haven't had as much time or energy to plan Halo etc with him at night, I'm a bit sad about that.

Me update:

- Excited about World Cup Women's Soccer stuff going on right now. Thank goodness for Tivo, as the games are at 5am and 8am, usually.
- Excited about the Kitchen going in
- Excited about the Wedding stuff coming up
- Had to Refocus at Work.. i printed out a bunch of slogans and taped them to the wall over my desk. I'm back to logging my time in Excel, which helps me keep focus and understand interruptions better.. Coping okay, i guess. Being the kind of employee I would want to be, regardless of how good or bad my employer is doing.

Molly update:

- hey, she has her own blog(s). :) Not sure what she would update about. Wedding and Kitchen, i guess..


- I finished analyzing my 4th step! On to the 5th.. building an analysis of my patterns.. what they were giving me, what fears were under them, and what I can replace them with.

I guess that's it for now. Cheerio!

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See, you need to work with me :)

NO MORE CHANGE until after the kitchen and wedding.

We both might explode.

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