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Stories from our lives: Q and the Ref
Story: Q and the REF

Note: i suck at telling stories. Otter! help!

Hot summer day, at the Versailles Soccer Tournament.. 2nd or 3rd game for the Legends in their U14-13 bracket. (*1) We seem to have gotten a fairly cranky ref. Q gets shoved, trampled, and beat up all over the place...

A particularly nastly play.. Q goes sliding headfirst, mouth in the dirt, for several feet. He gets up, and he's crying, bent over. The Ref says to him:

You better quit your crying, and play!

Molly, standing next to me, stiffens, growls, and about charges the field. (go Momma bear!)
Q stops for a second turns around, and says something to the Ref. We don't think the Ref heard him.

Play resumes...

Later on we find out what he said:
I will, if you stop making B*S* calls!

And he was proud of it. We were shocked. How could such a nice boy say such mean things? (that's a joke, btw. He is very vocal). But, it would be a great way to get kicked out of the game.

Later, we tell the story to .. was it the coach, or his former coach, or somebody like that? .. and the coach gives him a high five! Dude! way to undermine our attempt to instill respect for the MAN. Q is such the rebel.

That's about it.

I should get Q to relate all the B.S. calls that were made during the game. That could be entertaining.

(*1) Because they are a new team, never been in that tourney before, rather than lumping them in with the straight U14 bracket, they put them in the mixed U14/U13 bracket. Even so, it was against very well known teams - LSA (Louisville Soccer Alliance), LFC (Lexington Futbol Club), and the Thoroughbreds. There seems to be a huge size difference between 13's and 14's.. but dang, it was close sometimes.