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uh oh.. spagettio's
nothing really. Am at work, hard to concentrate, i started looking at my friends list, and dang, its easier to leave everything as is.
A lot of people I love dearly, but they've stopped posting to their journals.. i guess I'll keep them in case they ever post something, not like it takes bandwidth.
Other folks, post a lot, but not something I really read, i guess i'll be filtering there.
Then there's folks who post a lot whom I do love..


Electrician starts work next week (most expensive part of kitchen), cabinets delivered next friday.

Going to see Rush in concert this coming weekend in Cincinatti, OH.

Q's team won their first tournament. The kids kicked ass.. damn it was good. GO LEGENDS! n stuff. Holy shit I am a soccer dad?

(Ditto on this end)

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