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uh oh.. spagettio's
nothing really. Am at work, hard to concentrate, i started looking at my friends list, and dang, its easier to leave everything as is.
A lot of people I love dearly, but they've stopped posting to their journals.. i guess I'll keep them in case they ever post something, not like it takes bandwidth.
Other folks, post a lot, but not something I really read, i guess i'll be filtering there.
Then there's folks who post a lot whom I do love..


Electrician starts work next week (most expensive part of kitchen), cabinets delivered next friday.

Going to see Rush in concert this coming weekend in Cincinatti, OH.

Q's team won their first tournament. The kids kicked ass.. damn it was good. GO LEGENDS! n stuff. Holy shit I am a soccer dad?

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I'm still here. I read stuff lots, comment sometimes, and yeah, post...rarely. But I'm around!

Quick! Someone check for the SUV and the sweater tied around his waist!

we *wish* we had an SUV (with good mileage) ... its on the list for later
and NO FRICKIN SWEATERS at 100 degrees + high humidity. Try more like a visor on my head, shades, and carrying around a bottle of propel.

Although last season, you would have seen me barefoot, with a video camera in hand, charging from one end of the soccer field to the other to get a good picture. Damn, that was embarassing in retrospect.

(I like to hear about your life :) )

(Ditto on this end)

I don't post a lot of personal stuff on my LJ - because I like having a record of the things I have made. I do love hearing about what is going on in your life, Sunny... but I do understand if you want to disconnect from my photo heavy craziness. :D

And hey, there are worse things than being a soccer dad. *winks*

:) your photo craziness is fun for me. I like seeing your creativity in action

Well, as long as I haven't driven you bonkers! I try to keep only one picture in the post so that it doesn't get too lengthy unless you WANT it to. :)

I will be officially starting the homeschool thing next week. *bites nails* Wish me luck! :)

It is awesome to read about your life. :-) even if I am kind of fringe type friend--I will write again someday. I am sure I will have a lot to say after I get back from Europe!! (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg & Germany-my first time)

Are you going to see the fireworks Labor Day weekend in Cincinnati? The first time I saw them they were on video--and very awesome. The next year we saw them in person! RUSH sounds like a blast.

Belinda! Good to hear from you. Looking forward to hearing more about your life and your trip!

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