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Mid-August Update!
Today was Q's first day back at school. I have not been home yet to soak in the changes.. but I'm guessing my lady is luvin' it. (Although not today, she had to work for she-who-shall-not-be-named today).

Home Update

We currently have:
- A working clay studio! (DONE!)
- A working Guest bedroom with Projector and Tivo! (DONE!)
- A working Sunny's office (which is also used by M for Guildwars, which makes the cats very happy, as it doubles as the cat room) (DONE!)

We also have the Kitchen on the way:
- Kitchen Cabinets ordered! (TADUM!)
- Cabinet installer standing by! (BABUM!)
- Plumber checking us out on Friday (TADAA!)
- Electrician soon thereafter (we hope)
- Company standing by for countertop and floor for living room (!)

also also wik: Tree Removal Quotes! (TIMBER!)

The wedding planning is well under way...
- we have a start on ceremony text
- we have locked down guest list(s)
- still need to order clothings, and figure out food arrangements, and send out invites. Pretty soon, pretty soon.

Fun stuff I'm up to
I'm helping the guy down the street with his Christmas light show stuff. (not that he is a winner, I don't think he submitted, but it IS fun). I just got done doing a beat track for "Blue Christmas" by Elvis Presley.

I've renewed my interest in martial arts .. watching Human Weapon did that. However, didn't want to impact the family budget, so.. I started taking it out of lunch money. Which lead to me having eaten home-made sandwiches twice this week! This is also a good thing. As a result, i'm starting up American Kempo this coming Saturday -- my goal is to get up to Orange. Its on a month-by-month no-contract basis, and my instructor, Jordan, is an interesting guy.. who is pretty darned good. Its full contact - he wears pads, I don't, and he attacks me, and I use the moves on him at full force.

I'm doing an workout program at the YMCA mostly involving weights and a little cardio. Thanks to FitLinxx:
For this Month so far: 
Category Total                   FitPoints 
Cardio Minutes          58 min.       288      
Weight Lifted       43,601 lbs.       436      
Number of Exercises     43            430      
Total FitPoints for this Month      1,154   

Puts me smack dab in the middle at 52% percentile for males 30-40 at my facility for this month. This is ok with me. My goal is that I am consistent. Wednesday nights and Saturday daytimes are my workout times. Will be going that direction shortly.

Work stuff
Eh, it goes. I get frustrated at people's lack of professionalism sometimes, but for the most part, my pain body doesn't react to theirs. Speaking of pain bodies:

Pain Bodies
I've been reading Ekhart Tolle's "A New Earth" , and got to the chapter on Pain Bodies. And it makes a darned lot of sense. It helps me understand the times when I'm being a jerk (to my family and others), and also the reactions of the people around me, and Q's moodiness, and M's moodiness. I tried some of it today on one of my coworkers -- when they went into negativeland, I didn't react, i just stayed present and let it be.. and dang, if after 3 minutes or so, they swung back to positive. I guess I wasn't good psychic food for their painbody.

There's a crapload of parallels between painbody stuff and recovery work -- all the tools are about the same - acceptance being key, etc. Its like holy shit this makes sense.

Recovery work
After a brief swing away, I'm back in the pattern of going to a step study on Thursday, and then working steps on Friday. I'm currently summarizing column 4 from step 4, into a coalesced "here's my patterns" thing - and ouch, it hurts. However, putting it in the light of the aforementioned painbody stuff, it totally makes sense - what I'm putting toghether is, how does my pain body gain control of my present-ness. Rock on.

For my friends on LJ
Lately i've been reading LJ stuff through my google reader thing. It doesn't get locked posts, but it does keep me kinda abreast of some stuff. I don't respond much, sorry.. just lack of time and stuff. I hope/pray you are all doing well...

I'm probably going to do a cleansing of my friends list sometime soon (like this year perhaps). To those of you who won't make the cut -- *hugs*, take good care, i just haven't been able to live up to my end of the responsibility of keeping up with you. This way, you'll know that I haven't been reading.. and if you ever want to interact with me, just drop me a line.

That's about it for now.. off to the Y! Cheerio!

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Your life always seems so much more interesting than mine. :)

*hugs* It is good to know all the little details of life - but don't forget to take the time to forget it too. *winks*

Take care, Sunny!

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