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Guest Bedroom 70% done! ... and other stories
- Guest Bed moved downstairs
- Tivo and TV hooked back up. I am go-live on the Tivo!
- see complication below.

- build a shelf to hold projector (fancy black wood and brown/grey metal stylin' shelving brackets)
- paint a projection surface on one wall

- "honey, i don't think that was a puke stain on the bed.. i think that was cat pee". ==> followed by getting the odor remover and spraying it.. waiting for the bed to dry...

Other stories:

- We got free kitchen cabinets from a police officer who runs a football training camp. Pretty much all the base ones (says Molly), we might need to buy just a tad bit more.

- Phoenix the dog can now climb the fence. She jumps up, puts a paw on a fence post, and then scrambles up further.

Life is good.
PS: I updated previous post with a picture of the table.