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What the heck else? An update. Wii, Transformers,Table
It has been 11 days since my last posting... I think this is about normal. It feels like forever, but really isn't that long. I'm writing this post as I wait for code to get checked out at work.

No big changes or updates.. thank goodness. Just normal life. Highlights / things I'm proud of / coolnesses, in no particular order:

Built a table for molly's clay room. It was kinda cool.. in the end, a joint effort, because there were problems with Mother Earth New's directions. Updated with picture.

Hooked up with work buddies to see Transformers on opening night (Louisville got it early). Took Q with. To quote Q: "Sunny, no offense, but I think the whole room is full of geeks!" (darn straight we were.) The movie was good (for me).

I tried Golf. Got 2 holes in, and then it started raining like crazy. The two holes informed me that Yes, i do like it. I will be getting golf shoes and going again.

Clay Room is about done [link to Molly's blog about it: here]; with some trim down, the Guest Bedroom will be well on its way. Then, my office moves upstairs to the cat room. 2 big advantages: a) Whenever I or molly use my computer, we'll be keeping the cats company. b) Whenever i want to sleep seperate, i'll be able to use the guest room, and *not* have to remove fur from the bed.

*checks on checkout progress.. still going*

Had a great relationship moment with my lady -- after communicating our needs to each other, on Sunday, we went to Wheatsfield Whole Foods, and: I brought the laptop and worked on MS Money categorization & stuff, and she got groceries. We then synced up and looked at finances over some kind of ginger pound cake. Both of us got our needs met. Awesomeness.

We went on a dinner boat cruise. This was in honor of Momaw's 80th birthday party -- surprise sprung by her two kids. [Momaw=Molly's grandma] It was pretty nice.. she had a great time, being surrounded by people she loves.

We (Molly and I) have made the decision that we are buying a Wii. We would prefer to buy it through our friend Ty at EBGames at Springhurst. There are none around that we can find at the moment.

Quinn has been enjoying his summer. We calculate he's had perhaps 2 showers at home last month? And he's taken over the living room couch as his sleep point. (I remember doing the same when i was 15). Pretty much every day he's spending with friend, either a sleepover here or a sleepover there. He had a total blast doing fireworks yesterday, and only one minor injury when he ran straight through a multiple roman candle stream and it got in his eye.

California Pizza Kitchen - new favorite restaurant. We have a menu and we're crossing things off as we get them. Hummus appetizer very good.

Lego Star Wars, Original Trilogy - been playing this on the PSP on and off. Its very cute, and so far, i've liked their adaptation of the story. I just got to the Mos Eisley chapter, ie, not very far.

Ok, update is now done. Back to work I go!

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Wanna buy my Super Paper Mario? I finished it.

Nah, i got a bunch of games to play already and not as much time to play them as I'd like.
Thanks for the offer, though.

Or... yes I do. :)
I just read up on it. It sounds like a lot of fun. How much u want for it?

$32, with the $2 covering the shipping?

Having checked out prices on ebay -- its a good price. .. its just not.. thanks James, I'll pass. I think i'll end up renting the game first - there's a lot of games I want to try, if I bought them all, it might hurt.


Try the Thai Chicken Pizza or the Thai Chicken Salad at California Pizza Kitchen. It's all good stuff no matter what you get! I always try to go there when I am in the Chicagoland area.

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