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I hereby declare to the universe:
- hatchback
- possibly 5 door
- at least 30 mpg highway, 25 city
- cool color with great lines
- SPORTY. I want something with some zip. but has to stay automatic. This is a commuter car for me, with some play.

I was checking out a couple of things.. i saw a beautiful Hyundai Elantra, nice trim..
but so far, the one that has me won over is still the Mazda 3.
And I do like this color blue.

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That IS a very nice shade of blue!

I almost bought that EXACT car. seriously. But I ended up getting an 2006 Subaru Imprezza wagon (Non turbo) for $16,200. It was brand new. It was faster, it had all wheel drive. You might want to look into it. :-)

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