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Life status update...
Wedding stuff: Check!
I did a MS Project depency tree type thing. There's a lot of detail to work as yet.. could catch up a lot if I dedicated a day. I have been toying with taking a day off work to just do wedding stuff, i think i might have to. The most important stuff is to go through some resources to pick out stuff for the ceremony, do some designs on the room layout, and some invitations work with Molly. And some addresses. Yep, a day off from work would be the way to go.
At the moment we have a pencilled in "we need to go to Chicago" to resolve what we're going to wear type issues. I'm not so sure that this is possible, but my fiance thinks it will happen. I guess i just don't have that feeling that i would know what to do .. something involving fabric and a tailor, perhaps? or pre-made stuff? I remember doing that with Tara for her wedding. Then again, that's why there's delegation, i don't have to know it.

House improvement stuff: Check!
We're working on Molly's clay room (formerly the dog room). Molly started moving furniture in there today (GO WOMAN!), which means that what was her office before now becomes the guest bedroom, which is where i'll get to move some of my stuff to soon. (And put down trim. Trim is fun).

I am now a paintin' fool. I knows how to paint. I've done scraping, and caulking, and hole-filling, and primers, and rollers, and paint. I now immediately get a drip rag attached to my tool belt. Its cool. The other day, Molly and I slapped a layer of paint on in like 15 minutes, working together (me rolling, her doing detail).

Keeping self balanced: Yellow card
I did not spend enough time with myself during the last two weeks, i was too obsessed on things like the house selling (SOLD! we're down to 1 mortgage now.. thank goodness!) and wedding planning, and house remodelling. As a result, i was getting bitchy and cranky. Last night, though, i retired to my room, and watched the last 2 episodes of Ghost Whisperer and last 3 of Heroes on my PSP, and DANG it was good to just veg out. I may have only gotten 4 hours of sleep today, but i was a lot less grumpy having vegged out last night.

Cool shit for the weekend: Green Card
- Watch Q's soccer game tomorrow (partial).
- Golfing (my first time) tomorrow (Saturday).
- Pool, dinner and a movie tomorrow (with my girl's parents)
- Church and Yoga on Sunday.

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Don't forget to tell me if you do head to Chicago. I absolutely DEMAND that I am there! :)

*bounces around*

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