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Sometimes i really despise my work situations.
Its a long story. It involves a lot of internal crap and crud. It involves a department having huuuuge boundaries so they can survive the chaos, and a bunch of other teams jumping through hoops and circles to try to get something done.

More specifically, it involves myself being grabbed to assist in rewriting build.xml's for 43 or so projects (developers who are new to .Net and don't know nant so well) in an emergency update so as to make life easier on the packaging team ...

.. and teaching somebody how to do individual merges on a ticket by ticket basis (and all the interesting stuff that happens when you merge change #2 but not change #1 and how to detect it). This person, btw, picked it up very well and its a joy to watch them gain understanding...

... and then having a build destabilized by "oh, lets just merge this other module in" except the other module is half dependent on code on a different SVN server, which the current build script (driven off excel) cannot handle, and everything blows up 1 hour before the final scheduled build...

.. followed by some emergency discussions on what to do..

... leading to us yanking out the new stuff, to get back to stable stuff... (I'm glad the release manager has a good attitude)..

and making the build deadline. YES! Now we can get a build to QA, who have been sitting on their thumbs for two days waiting for all of this dust to settle...

and then discovering that in the basement, past the broken stairs and the sign that said don't feed the leper, is a posting of when the builds will be picked up for packaging, and today was a "no package" day due to insufficient resources on the packaging side.

All this rush... rush.. rush.. for something that wasn't going to happen in the first place.

Its like, why the f* do I bother with the adrenaline? When I'm supposed to be working on this other project, which btw, one of the bigwigs just asked me, how soon can you get how much of it ready for QA?


I have a quandry now. I'm the person best suited to re-adapt everything to work with the new "excel build process", which *would* allow for code split between multiple SVN servers, but dang, dude, it takes like 3 days to get that stuff stable. I got 3 weeks to do this other project in, or so, and that's heads down don't interrupt me kind of shit. I'm sorry, but they're on their frickin' own. Till my boss orders me to help.

The good news is, i guess I bonded more with certain people. And I learned a lot.


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