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Sephora, Employee of the Week, etc.

Its been a fun time!  What was my last post.. about the wedding date, right?  *checks* No! it was about the skunk!

All noses are in good order.
We did see a skunk go into somebody's garage, apparently it does this often.  The lady simply claps her hands and the skunk heads out.  There's a momma skunk with 4 babies who hang out in the subdivision, too.

How am I doing, really?

I'm growing in acceptance of my life here.  I think last week was very ... full.  We got the wedding stuff nailed down, *and* I almost completely closed on the house in Iowa (closing is this friday).     Over the weekend, I had a mild depression going.. when I woke up this morning, i was practically bouncing, the depression had lifted, replaced with Acceptance.. can we say.. DABDA?  I knew we could.

Picture update..

This weekend, we went to the Mall, to get paper to work on invitations with.  Molly's design star has some ideas.   While we were there, though, we also visited the Sephora store -- which is a cosmetics line from NYC, which has opened a store here in Louisville.  I felt decidedly un-metro-sexual there, in my T-Shirt and shorts.
1) Molly browsing in Sephora.
2) Molly with both Archiver's and Sephora purchases. 
3) Outside Archiver's.

Working backwards..  On Saturday, M took Q and Morgan out fishing to her popaw's.  You can read the entry here: Out of the Mouths of Babe's. 
These are the pictures of one of the fish involved.
Caught a fishCaught a fish

Work is going well.  Some things are frustrating, as represented by this picture:
Dear Oracle
1) Commentary from my friend S.H., after he spent several hours trying to get a package to work.

Did I mention, I got employee of the week at work?  For my work in december.  It means I get a good reserved parking spot for this week.  I almost forgot to use it this morning.  On one hand, I'm glad that they did not publish my picture in the company-wide email... on the other hand, my ego is like, DUDE! OPPORTUNITY.  Funny thing, watching my ego squirm.

Rainbows all over the place:  This one is from Crestwood.    Huge double rainbow.  Pretty awesome.
Rainbow in Crestwood

Wedding planning picture from Iowa..  
Molly & Sara talk Pictures
On the left is our photographer, my friend Sara R.   She was very thorough, it was nice to see her in action.   This is taken at the Dutch Oven Bakery, who is also doing our cake(s). 

These last four are from Memorial Day.  We went to this "Taste of Health" festival thing, it was VERY Good.  I got a bead on an Ethiopian restaurant in town, i'm trying to arrange to go there for dinner one of these weekends.   However, no pictures!   We were too busy eating.  Did get these:
Ice cream shop!Quinn Takes a pictureAnti BushAnti bush
1) After the festival, MQ&I crossed the river to Indiana, where there's a nice ice cream shop, privately owned.   
2)  It also has a great view of the river.
3&4) There was a fairly angry anti-bush person at the Taste of Health thing.   Its interesting... reading Ekhart Tolle's book, this seems to be an example of an ego identifying against an idea.   Ya think?   (omg! that was a Molly Snark... I'm starting to channel her!)


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You guys actually went out for ice cream after TOH?? ;)

I didn't see that truck - interesting.

well..we accidently crossed the river and WHILE WE were there....I think we can always eat ice cream.

And the truck was parked out front-infront of my car actually.

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