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Celebrating in style
So, having now announced wedding dates and stuff to the world.. we celebrated tonight.

We filled up some simple ceremonial bowls with warm water with essential enzymatic oils
transferred the water to a special ceremonial dispenser
stripped off our clothing
and sprayed each other with odor remover.

*dramatic pause and stuff*

Actually, what happened is, we were all going to go through the closet tonight after having ripped off wall paper, when there was a yowling from outside. Then we smelled it.. SKUNK!

We mixed up the odor remover (enzymatic oil above), loaded it up into spray bottles, and then went outside to assess the damage.. who had been squirted..

and lo and behold, there is Phoenix with a skunk in her mouth. She puts it down.. picks it up again.. and it barks at her! OMG, its still alive!

Well, after about 2 hours of getting the dogs on leashes, spraying them down, wiping them down, we were able to get them clean enough to bring back in the house.. then it was our turn.. off to the shower with us, with a garbage bag for the clothes.

Gotta love them dogs. Very honest, they are.
This would have been the third time Phoenix tangled with (probably the same) skunk, and now, i think its dead.

I then went on to clean out my closet as the laundry proceeded downstairs.

Thank you God for this wonderful, non-boring life. :) I'm glad I have patience.

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ROFL! I can't say I've ever had any of my dogs bring home skunks. Did that oil stuff work? I've heard tomato juice is great for that problem. Heh. ;)

:) I figured it would be.

We used this "odor remover" powder that you mix with warm water.. worked wonders. VERY slimey though. I almost fell in the shower, the shower tub was so slick. Luckily my amazing Yoga stretching abilities saved me.

The stuff is called OdorMute and it does work, but there is also an amazing recipe online using peroxide, baking soda, liquid soap and water..that is VERY VERY good.

Sunny and I used tomato juice on us the last time this happened and it worked, but we didn't take a direct hit, it was just residual scent from being around the yahoo's who did.

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