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Wedding Planning
Our trip to Ames so far has been quite productive.

We now know:
- where and when we're getting married.

Saturday October 27th
Ames Iowa

- where we're holding the reception
- what style of reception
- the food for the reception
- the cake (OMG Dutch Oven Bakery is SO WONDERFUL)
- the hotel to reserve block of rooms in
- the rehearsal dinner location
- the photographer
- possible tabs on a DJ (if we choose to go down that route)
- approximately what to put down in the gift registry
- marriage license

We are still chewing on:
- exact nature of the service
- exact sourcing of the clothes (we know what we want, just where to get it)
- sourcing the wedding contract (this might give a hint of the nature of the service)
- rings

Its been a great time for me to hook up with people too! Had Lunch with Steve, dinner with Jenny & Siju on Friday night, Saw a BUNCH of friends today after the meeting. Should be seeing Stu and Benny tomorrow.

I love my lady. She's been a trooper. It was neat, normally I align myself with what she's doing, this weekend, it was pretty much me leading and cramming stuff into the day, and her following along.. she's never seen me do that before, it was interesting.

We did not bring the kid along, though we probably will next time.

As far as invites go .. neither place is very large, so by necessity, we cannot be too extravagant on the guest list. So, we're asking all the important pools of people first, and then once we have some numbers there, then I'll be able to invite others en masse. My friends told me: Sunny, dang, you know a lot of people. :) This is true. I want them all to be there. Its going to be interesting.

-S (of S and M)

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Congrats Sunny!
Holding it in a church, or at a hall or?
And I am just so happy for both of you, it is good that you found each other, and you have created this awesome little family. :-)

Kindof a church. :)

Thank you!

Wedding contract? Is that like a contract between each other as to what you both promise to be to each other?

Its part of a Quaker tradition that was deeply moving for Molly, which makes sense to me. Everybody at the ceremony signs the contract as well as the bride and groom.

it is more of a certificate:

something that everyone present signs as supporting the union. for more stuff...

Ooh, that sounds wonderful! That's how it should be, really. Your friends and family should be there to support you and not just watch the festivities. :-D

I'm so excited for you! :)

You're certainly welcome! ^_^

Congratulations! That is a lot to decide!
You should let me know when you are in town again so I can give you a big hug and show off my giant belly.

Congratulations! That is a lot to decide!
You should let me know when you are in town again so I can give you a big hug and show off my giant belly.

I had no idea! You're a mommy-to-be?


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