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Household Project Dependencies
The rooms available:

Level 0.5: Basement (R1)
Level 1: Garage, Kitchen/Dining (F2), Dog Room (R2) ,Molly's Office (BR1), GuestBath (B2)
Level 1.5: Family Room (F1)
Level 2: Quinn's Room (BR2), Sunny's Room (BR3), Master Bedroom (MBR), MasterBath (B1)

The plan:
Done: Get basement ready (R1), Move Q's gaming stuff from the family room (F1) to the basement (R1).
(R2->F1) Move/Unpack Sunny's stuff from the dogroom.
(BR1->R2) Move Molly's Office to the dogroom. Much more apt for a clay studio.
(BR3->BR1) Move the big bed from Sunny's room to the lower bedroom, making it a guest room.
(F1->BR3) Move Sunny's office upstairs from the family room to the small bedroom, including the smaller daybed. This way he can have his cave. Moves the rest of sunny's stuff up to the bedroom.


(K to F1) Recreate new Kitchen in current family room.
(LR to F2) Tear down old kitchen, open up some space, put living room by fireplace.
(D to F1) Create Dining room area in the big family room.


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