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About Google. Offer on the house.
This is a story about an interaction that I had with Google.

A recruiter person at Google, joined Linked-In, and found me in her list.   I had qualifications that they were looking for, and so, she contacted me, kind of a blind contact thing.

I ended up chatting with a recruiter for a while, and it sounded like a lot of fun!   It would have been back to the world of not-Microsoft, and mostly around being a visionary and creating frameworks (a development type job) for enabling stress and scale testing -- which is a field I'm quite familiar with, having done it for a few years at UGS, with inferior tools, I might add.  I'm totally the kind of person who takes a problem and tries to build a tool that solves that problem and all others like it, that would have been right up my alley...

but, it would have required moving.   And.. we contemplated it for a little while.  Q was up for it.  But in the end its like: Umm.. no, it would not be a good move.  We choose to stay here, this is where we are building life, for the next 6 years or so... so I called him up on Monday and let them know: I can't move. 

So, I didn't get to the technical interview, we cancelled before we got there.  Which .. would have been interesting.  I continually get reminded by people that I'm like, really fricking good at what I can do, while also being humble and a fun teammate to work with... For me, i think of the David Kilzer's and Matt Messier's and Gary Snethen's I've known, and I know that i'm not that big a fish, but then I think of the average Joe worker guy, and yes, I do have it quite nicely together.   When I listen to folks like Chris Sells and Scott Hanselman,  I get very enthusiastic: YES! these guys have the creativity and energy flowing in the way that I would like to.. I consider them the folks I wish to learn from, and YES! I totally understand/grok where they are coming from. 

But as a result, I do have an updated resume and profile on Linked In. 

An interesting thing to note.  As soon as I made that decision: that Yes I am Good Enough for Google, and Yes, I'm staying in Louisville, then about 2 hours later, I got word of an offer on the house.  Said offer has been accepted.   This is good.   Time to focus my energy here.   I love how the Universe works once I make my choice, and my choice is in line with the Universe.

I'll just have to work for Microsoft or Google or some other hot company with visionaries and modern practises here in Louisville.   Or, perhaps I help bring that vision to my current job.. which I am.  Slowly but surely.   Like right now, I can enjoy the creativity of how can I concisely put together a specification that is not wordy, yet gets the point(s) across of what we're trying to do.

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Congrats! I've gotten one call from google, and that resulted in an OK interview. (It was for a Data-center monkey/linux admin, great pay, but eh, I'd be stock in server rooms.) At the very least, keep them in mind, they are opening up offices all over, and they are a hot place to work at. Plus they are sort of the golden ticket to working anywhere. :)

But in the meantime.. Congrats on the house selling! Good for you and your family!

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