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Picture Update! (finally!)
This being a few pictures from my life over the last few months.

Lets start off with the Basement.  We painted .. the green took 4 coats..  the stripe was interesting.. the floor paint went on smoothly.. the trim along the bottom was a total nightmare (Note: when using Cove Rubber Trim, do NOT get the self adhesive kind, but DO get the tubes of glue-caulk, and use VERY LIBERALLY otherwise it falls off in a week.)

Q's moved in more since this picture.. we went Garage Saling this morning and picked up a small refridgerator, and some other choice goodies.     He really likes it -- gives him a feeling of independence and space and a place to hang out with his buddies.  He has a lot of buddies to hang with .. at last count, i can think of:  Morgan, Nate, Mark, Elliot, and that's not even including some other neighbor kids like Sam and Chris, and then there's the girls:  Lauren, Morgen(?), Makayla, Kayla, Makay (yes, 3 different people), and the really cute one who playfully hugged him at a soccer game.  (shh! he's not to read this entry!).  Which is not to include girls not in his class, who do seek him out because he's a natural leader.

I played B-Ball with Nate and Quinn and Nate's dad Jim.  It was very fun.. I started to get a feel of the game play of basketball.  I have a lot left to learn before I'm fluid, Q was showing me some pointers.  Maybe this old dog can learn a trick or two, I won't be no expert, but that's not the point.  The point is, i look forward to enjoying myself in my interactions with others, including in B-Ball, etc.

Some pictures of the my family:
The first two are from us at Steak and Shake.  You don't see many pictures of me, unfortunately.. check reaneau's blog if she takes some, she might post there.    Then, there's Q in drooly angel state:  Asleep, with sunlight on his toes.   He likes sleeping in the living room.  This would be a Saturday Morning picture.   Yes, that is a bed in the living room, which is something that Molly doesn't want anybody to know about (childhood scars).  The last one is Q with an Axe taking on some of the furniture that we yanked out of the basement.   I had video on that too, but its pretty boring.

These are some pictures from a soccer game.  The cast:  a. Q's soccer team for the middle school. (South Oldham Middle School Dragons!), b+c. Matt & Christy (Molly's sister), d. Molly+her parents going ooh at something happening on the field.

The SOMS team is pretty good, but they got beat out by Shelby County West both in person and at the tournament.  SOMS soccer is now done :(  However Q has signed up for Upward soccer (note: link is about b-ball, but its the same organization) so I should be able to get my soccer fix through that.   In joining the middle school team, Q is now up against several older (7th, 8th) grade kids, some of whom have amazing skills -- one Michael comes to mind, he's like Harry Potter or something.. fast, and then slow and graceful, and always calm under pressure.     A treat to watch.   And then there's amazing players like Jackson (lots of energy), and several really good goalie's.  Dang, i like soccer enough, I would totally get into watching a pro soccer team on TV and going to games and stuff.

Attempt at an embedded video:

Q taking on a ramp at one of M's family gatherings recently (3 weeks ago?)

These here would be more cute doggies (perhaps I posted these guys before?) from the pound.. which brings up a cute story.  Molly and I were at the pound, and we came across this cute sleepy dog .. named Sunny!  just like me in the morning, very slow to wake up.. and next door to it.. a cute little loving social dog named Molly!     If there had been a cat there named Quinn, that would have been really wierd.

Dogs are doing good - Phoenix and I continue to do our ball thing. Lately, i've started whacking the ball with a 7-iron, thanks to the garage sale that I went to recently -- brings up the story of Q and I going to the driving range, and me hitting my first real golf balls... and really liking it.. then at the garage sale today, i picked up one full set of clubs, and then enough for my buddy Ted to join me at the range.  Speaking of, I should call Ted...  Back to the Dogs.  Dona and I are are enjoying each other's company, she likes getting her ears scratched.  M just looked over my shoulder and mentioned that I've posted those dogs before. Darn. 

Cats - nothing major to report.  We've done some experiments on different kinds of litter, etc ... they still love the Cat Dancer toys the most, and I seem to spend 2 nights a week or so sleeping with them, which they really love and appreciate.  No actions yet on getting the cats and dogs to coexist.


These are pictures of a toilet-paper'ed cube within the conversion team at work.    I met the victim as well... nice guy, i can see why they would TP him, he's easy to get along with yet charged with energy.   Workwise, we finished a release, pushed to production (anticlimactic), and I'm off designing a feature for the next release.  I had a bit of a hissy fit in that I had this awesome idea worked out, but turns out I was solving the wrong problem, so now I have to scale back my creativity and instead do the trudging steps of filling out a design for something quite unexciting.     Overall, going fairly well at work. I continue to like my coworkers, my loyalty is to this team, for now.

Umm.. i should write about Google.  Seperate post.


This is the shopping cart picture as per Molly's blog here:


This is a really frickin' cool desk I found at the local flea-market type place.  Its FRICKIN HUGE.  That's my sandal in the picture.  How this relates to our life is -- we totally have a plan to have good furniture.  The order is, i believe:  Dresser(s) in bedroom, Move Kitchen+Get Dining Room table (big, 6-8 people, solid wood), and new Sofa in the family room after its moved.  Near term: nothing at the moment, might reupholster the couch that we currently have. 

I could easily do a seperate post on the flow of household improvement projects.  The stuff that we rolled into the mortgage is almost done, just waiting on the concrete guys, who should be working on it this coming weekend.


This is another car that I picked up at Wal-Mart.  I'm collecting these for the intent of buying my car in 3 years or so.   We're still aiming at upgrading to a Vue or an Element by this time next year for the soccer mom car.   I love my soccer-mom babe partner :)  She totally rocks. 

Thanks for reading! (Hi Mom & Siju and folkses!) 

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If people TP'ed my desk like that, I'd totally crawl in, stick my head out the top, and start working.

I can see you doing that. :)

I think he's the only guy in a department of of a bunch of ladies. They had it totally cleaned up the next day when I went in to see.

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