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Vanilla Frosty
If I had to sum up these last ... 2? 1? its hard to tell.. weeks... when did I post last? ...

Looks like wedding dates are getting a little more solid! I don't want to throw out too much stuff, we're giving the dates that we're shooting for to family members, but gotta get places reserved and stuff like that first before I feel comfy posting here. I'm VERY excited about it, its starting to gel together in that "Universe is helping out" kind of way.

I did make a boo boo and ask two folks to be my best man etc b4 talking to my girl about it. Got a minor argument.. can't really call it an argument... a tussle over that. To put it in perspective... my girl went to dinner with a friend after, and her friend just had a thingy with her hubby, who was being a _____ and was whining about watching over the kids while she was out, and then when M said that I was being too zealous and enthusiastic about being married, i think her friend rolled her eyes or something. Life is good.

Vanilla Frosty's are good.

Work is work.

interrupt: Q just drafted me for assistance in waking him up in the morning. He wants to take a shower, and then be on time to be at his friend's place to take the bus to school. His friend is a girl, but NOT his girlfriend, although they do spend a lot of time together.. hmm.. right, not going there. I honor him in his adventures, he's a good kid.

I jogged around the half-circle twice today.. once with each dog.. so that's 1.2 miles, and I was still able to sprint home at the end of it. I could have done maybe double that? This eating salads for lunch is kinda fun! Salad and take my own bread, for PB+J sandwiches.

M and I did Yoga together this last sunday! it was very fun. My hamstrings hurt, her shoulders hurt. At the YMCA, we have a family thing there. Next time, i hope to be non-allergied, and also lift some weights. Speaking of allergies:

Allergies kicked my ass.. but Claritin NOT D (Laritin, 10mg) to the rescue (according to some coworkers) assisted by local honey. And some rest. Its good. Very good weekend. Lots of rest.

We're painting the basement. I'll try to take pictures of that here soon... its the start of the "lets arrange the house" thing. Speaking of, Molly and I have taken back the responsibility of keeping the house clean, the kid no longer earns allowance this way -- he was less than enthused to do it, and we were going crazy with the chaos. So.. back under our control... THANK DOODNESS! we're doing the FlyLady thing, spent 15 minutes on the living room today. Does anybody else here do Flylady?

Q continues to kick my ass in Halo. I need to spend more time with it, but I haven't made the time to do it yet. My competitiveness (buried way down there) is getting stirred, and its somewhat painful, i'm trying to do this gracefully. I might have to get my own account and get my ass kicked a lot in order to get better. Today, we played for maybe 20 minutes or so.. I think i got 2 good kills on him.

Molly's debt is now Toast. *bounceywoot* The only debt between us now is 2 mortgages, for which we also have two houses, which are worth more than the mortgages. This is WONDERFUL.

Ok. Goodnighty night time. I have some pictures on the way.. uploaded, videos processing.. next post, i should be able to link them. (*heck, i can do that at work if I get a chance*)

Goodnight and God bless!


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