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Family update... new car, new furnace, and Halo 2.


I f*cking wanted to make a post tonight.
I was like, very principled about it. I made the space, made the time...
... uploaded pictures...
... started uploading videos...

and then I frickin' got sidetracked.
And now its like fricking 11pm already, and its PISSING me off, because I'm fricking TIRED, and I'm no longer in a good mood, and This is No F*cking Mood to make a F*cking Post In.

I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE IT when the day runs away from me like this.

F*cking HATE it.

And I can't seem to block out the people around me. They're so f*cking loud.

------- resetting. Going to make another half hour b4 going to bed. ---------

Ok. that's better.

I just got to watch Sea-Monkeys have Sex.
... the story: Q's cousins are on spring break in Florida. We're watching the Sea-Monkeys for Macki while they're gone.

The News:

I bought a car, a car i've had my eye on for a while:
Golf GTI
I bought it for $0,000.97 .. at the Wal-Mart auto store.. and i've parked it on my desk at work. (Its a Matchbox car. Its a placeholder for the vehicle I will be buying, for cash, about 3 years from now).

We got several additions to the home gaming collection -- a 2nd wireless controller for the XBox, a 2nd controller for the PS2, and Halo 2. Q and I have been playing a bit of Halo2. Tonight we just got Xbox Live... that's what sidetracked me, helping Q sort all that out. Fun stuff, i must say. I am totally enjoying the storyline of Halo 2.

We got a new furnace! Here's a pic of the old one:
Old Furnace Insides
The story: This was the original furnace. 1973 or so. That makes it.. 34 years old. Jury rigged with an external 2nd emergency heat system that was perhaps 15 years old. The whole thing was starting to, umm, malfunction. The new one is a straight furnace (not a heat pump), and the AC unit will go in like tomorrow. Cost: around $8K, covered by the mortgage with which we're buying (have bought) this house.

Thanks to the furnace going in, yesterday was my first day totally working from home at the new job. Fastest VPN I have ever experienced. It helped me get my head out of my ass about being uptight about "showing up for work", and put work back at 3rd/4th priority for me. I even got more done at home than I normally do at work, thanks to no interruptions.

Along those lines, this friday, i'm taking the day off. I'm going to sleep in, and then Q and I will probably go to like the science center or something. :) Then I'll go to my meeting in the evening.. should be fun!

Family news? nothing major. Life goes on for M and Q.. Q is on break, nothing big going on since both his momma and I have to work. The house continues to get repaired... any day now a concrete guy will show up for the most visible change... and we have our eyes set on the basement for making it into the gaming center. Its not leaking anymore! ... and the extra "dog room" isn't leaking either!

We're done with taxes! Kinda. I discovered I made a mistake on mine, claimed EDS stock sale twice by mistake (damned turbotax, confusing me and shit), i'll have to make an amend and get money back sooner or later. Apparently KY has its taxes due on Apr 17th just like federal, unlike Iowa which is like May 15th or something. Probably the most complicated taxes I've ever done.. Federal + 2 states + mortgage(s) + business expenses + dividends + stock sale. I do still need to print out the state of KY stuff and mail that in, can't do electronic the first year.

I've changed to a KY driver's license! Did that on Tuesday when the furnace was going in. Nice lady, took my picture 4 times, and I got to choose.

2nd to last class in my Metaphysics I class at Unity was tonight. Luckily, another class is starting up.. 4 laws of prosperity? something like that. I enjoy those classes a LOT. Its where I get to hang with people who "get it" (as far as my personal spirituality goes).


So, yep, everything going here as it should. I'm doing pretty good with staying in my day.. its a challenge sometimes, i get overwhelmed pretty easy... let other people's agenda's take over my own and then blow up at myself (as evidenced in the start of this post). However, the anger flashes hot, and then its gone, thanks to understanding what's going on inside me and how to take care of myself.

My recovery life is settling down too. I think i'm landing on like 1 or 2 days that I call people in the evening.. I go to a meeting just down the street on Saturday nights with my lady (that's my new home group), and then again with almost the same set of folks on Tuesday... Friday is my other meeting.. its working pretty good there.

We've had to move the family meeting to Saturday mornings (cutting into my sleep in time dangit!) because Thursday nights now, Q has soccer games most of the time. Saturday seems like it will work better for finances, as both of us get paid on Fridays.. so rather than feeling like we're out of money, we'll feel more like we have money. Its all the same in the end.. can't hide from statistical evidence.

Thanks to CD reserves, income tax refunds, and the ability to budget, we should be good for quite a while...

The house in Iowa.. is still hanging on. Realtor says that the market has heated up a lot.. lots of similar houses have moved, mine should be next.. I am SO looking forward to it moving. Somebody was meant for that house, and they're going to find each other. They have already found each other... yep.


Did anything piss me off during the week? Hmm..

Not that I can recall right now. I've been fairly emotional at times, mostly has to do with internal balance stuff. The Q-ster has been very into himself lately, and he knows we can't force him to clean, and that negotiation process has been kinda tough at times.. that's been some cause of tension at home between M and he. between M and I, its probably mostly financial-attidue differences (I freak out in wierd ways around money). Its tough getting up in the mornings sometimes (well, Tue-Fri, Mon is easy for me cause I'm charged up).

Did I mention I got a raise at work? $380 per year, or something like that. It was a very dilbert moment. Had to do with good performance x 2 months of service.


Big upcoming plans?

- Mostly the house. Whole sequence of events there...
- trying a new model for household chores for the kid and how he earns his commission
- the day off. That's a big one.
- An Evening With RUSH September 1st going with Ted and his brothers. :) :) :)
- some good movies coming out. Totally enjoying the buildup for Transformers... Q and I might go to several. I get to enjoy the 12 year old :)
- now that we have some idea on $, might be able to plan a wedding. *small bit of anxiety, just needs some TLC to make it better*

Thanks for checking in on me, folks... love to you, Mom and Stu and Neeraj and Ed and all who care to keep up with our lives out here in KY!

Blessings to you all. Sorry, i ain't had time to read LJ in a while.. i hope all my LJ friends are doing good.


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We really are trying to plan a wedding...just other fall commitments keep getting in the way.

one day.

I should just link my LJ to this one...because the only other stuff I would have to add would be my personal work gripes .

Maybe journal merging is closer than we think.

:::runs screaming into the night::::
(suuuushhhhh...on the part about it being almost noon...heh)

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