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Whee! whole family update: Party, Food, and Alonetime
Its been a good weekend.

- i gots an email from Stu!

- we had a "small groups" parents meeting (related to the baptist church). Very much enjoyed it, i like the kind of network they're trying to lay down for the kids. Things were a little hairy when one of the people started talking about "have they been baptized yet" etc, but throwing that stuff aside, the rest of it is very sound and good.

- I hung out with Q outside in the lobby while M was at Church. long story, but basically Q wasn't supposed to be there, something else fell through, he hadn't had breakfast or anything yet, and he wasn't dressed for it, so I hung out outside instead. Got a cool new testament bible with little notes inside it and stuff. According to the preacher today, "I AM SAVED!" ... *grin* I still believe in reincarnation, but sure.

- I read Galaxians today while waiting. I caught a couple of cool things in there, like the relationship between Peter(?) and Paul(?) I highly suspect that the apostles were "awakened" people as well (as was J the C). They had surrendered their ego to let spirit flow through better. And he talks about "waiting till the C is born in you".. which totally matches my Unity faith beliefs. (Galatians).

- I burned my thumb! with sparklers. And a lighter. And Q, shooting stuff from bottle rockets (illegal, yes, we know), didn't get a scratch. Yargh! What kind of role model am I? *grin*. Did you know that a box of sparklers, when ignited all together, in a sneaker, will pretty much set the whole sneaker on fire, with fire spouting out the toes and stuff?

- Dinner at the Franklins tonight, unplanned. The kids didn't eat all the food, so M and I chowed down as well. They have a beautiful back yard.

- The whole weekend went by so fast! Saturday, M+I played hooky. Rather than go to the meeting, we spent cuddle time together, followed by eatin' time (Qdoba), and basic reconnection time. We didn't know it, but we had drifted out of connection for like the last week or two, and it felt good to get connected again.

- We love our little outdoor garden thingy. Right now, its got one swingy chair, 4 little chairs, and a cat/cow metal sculpture named Minnie. in our perusal at Wallyworld, we got various ideas of stuff we'd like to do.. there's some mulch, bricks, a cool crystal ball thing, perhaps a fountain type thing... hammock.. SO MANY ideas. possibly planting some veggies as well. ... I napped outside! curled up in my little swingy chair.

- I'm going to have to go back to carrying a planner. I'm forgetting waaaaaay too many things these days. like, crap, the milk. :) I also played with Hiveminder which is an awesome online GTD-style todo list thing (its basically put on the web, which is something i heard about in an interview with somebody on hanselminutes).

- now the dogs just got done eating, but having been scared by the fireworks, Dona is hiding under the bed (in the living room, which is something that bothers M), and she's not going out to pee. *grin* Like that Parenthood movie.. its a roller coaster. Hang on!

That's about it for me.. update from our household..

asking Q: Q, best thing this weekend for you? his Answer: the party last night. (he went to this huge party with a bunchload of his peeps, INCLUDING Elliot, whom he's forgiven, and hung out with boys AND GIRLS. And had cake. 5 stories in this house.. 2 basements.

asking M: M, best thing this weekend for you? her answer: either dinner friday night (with Tara, one of her buddies), or lunch today (with the baptist bible study crowd). Tara's hubby used to work with the people I work with now.

asking S: S, best thing this weekend for you? my answer: I got to sleep in Saturday, and I took a nap, and I got ALONE TIME! I love alone time. I charge back up during alone time.

love and blessingz and all
and if you have a dear one, go tell them this secrit code wurd three times: "Uviu Isle"

Oooo I got an updated larger man bag!

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Just a clarification.

It was the dog, Sedona that was not going outside to pee.
Not I, the M.



yes dear. you are absolutely right.

you brat. I love you.


I am posting our little outdoor haven in my LJ---so go visit!

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