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New Office
I kept trying to find the time to do this myself, never quite got to it...

thank doodness my lady is more able to juggle multiple things than I.

She posted about it.. here:
She's also posted about our upcoming house purchase here:

Man, its midnight already.. where did the time go?


We're renegotiating the agreement with Q. Some of the cleaning things are going from $6 per week for something to $1/day, in the subjects of "keeping the family area clean of his stuff" and "putting his clothes away". Hopefully this will avoid the buildup of crap that occurs prior to his mad dash through the house on Thursday nights just before family meeting.

Did I mention we have a family meeting that we do regularly now? Its Thursday nights at 8pm. The way its working out is, the topics are:

- Q's commission and allowance (paid out)
- going over spending over the last week (+refinement of categories and basic accountability to each other) (I do the downloads during the week, mostly starting on Tuesday, which is when the weekend's worth of stuff becomes available for download)
- going through the cash envelopes (cf Dave Ramsey system), and figuring what we'll pull out for each of the categories on Saturday
- going through bills, and how we'll pay them. (I then put in transactions in advance in Money to do forecasting with; M does the writing of the checks and stuff)
- going through calendar -- syncing from Molly's paper to my Gmail and back
- what we might be doing this weekend

I'm trying to add in the "how are we doing" / "how did we get on each other's nerves" / "what do we need" -- those types of topics integrated as well.

The really good news: Our spending curves are starting to flatten out. We're starting to go net straight, instead of going net negative. This is really frickin' GOOD. :)


In other news .. i've signed up for Metaphysics I class at Unity, for the next 5 weeks. And ouch, its a deep one. I'm enjoying discussing all the unity stuff (as I don't go there regularly on Sundays), but i'm not looking forward to the amount of reading and the essay I'll have to write on the tail end to get official unity credit for it. I don't know why exactly i'm taking it for credit... something along the lines of, if I take it now, if I choose to go down the path of a LUT (licensed Unity teacher) in the future, then I won't have to take it again, something like that.


There's also some discussion going around that if the Iowa house doesn't sell here soon, as my primary residence is shifting to KY with this house with Molly, that i might convert it into rental property. I need to touch base with my buddy Ed on that, see what his thoughts are.. the basic gist is:
- mortgage payment goes out -$950
- rent (portion of it comes in) $600?
- upkeep (averaged) goes out -$100?
- as its part of a business, I have to depreciate the cost over 15 years; that's a business expense, which yields tax shelter money coming in. $400?

The problem though is that I'm not local, therefore I cannot trade my time for cheap labor, i'll have to pay through the nose for anything bad that happens there. so.. might be better to just take a huge cut and try to sell the house quicklike.

I'm much more willing to liquidate savings now to sell the house than I was earlier. OTOH, if i want to become more capable of having inflows of $, i need to take a look at the rental thing and see if its right for me. The question: "If I were not stopped by fear, what would I do?" .. yeah, i would look at it.


At work, well, i got the office (and a cool new IP based phone that is not in the picture).. and dang, i'm going to be working my tail end pretty hard. Not crazy hours, i think i've been about 45 hours a week for the most part.. and its with people I respect.

I find when I get home, i pretty much need to ask: Is there anything that I need to do while I'm still in Git'R'Done mode? ... and if there isn't, then I go into decompress cycle (== playing ball with the dogs, something physical, unload dishwasher, no mental activity), and then i reset (get a feel of what is important for me), and then I have a nice evening.


Okay. Its 12:11am now. love y'all, catch you later.
(And Hi Mom!)

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Great job!

Great job, bub! I'm big-time proud of you and your dame for having budget and house meetings regularly, see? Getting on the same page and doing the envelope system is what's gonna help you win with the dough. Thanks for spreading the word about Dave Ramsey, too! Here's looking at you, kid.

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