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Guitar Hero
Been trying my hand at the last few songs of Guitar Hero I:
- Godzilla, Frankenstein (Edgar Winters), Texas Flood, Bark at the Moon, Cowboys from Hell.

And they took it up a notch for these songs. OMG, it is *hard*... on "Medium".

Q looked over at me while I was trying out Cowboys from Hell, and apparently... i was swaying from side to side, beating away at the guitar thing.. and unknown to me, my head had hit the chandelaire(sp?) above me, and it was swaying wildly from side to side.. and...

well, his sides and belly hurt from laughing so hard.

I made it past that song. 3 *'s, I'll take it.

Bark at the moon totally kicked my ass.
Will try again later.


Guitar Hero II doesn't seem to have as much.. production quality as Guitar Hero I? However, it does have a training mode that is pretty nice where you can slow songs down.


I tried my hand at jamming out on a real guitar recently.. and.. i've lost it, for now. I would need to study some of these songs, and figure out how to play them, before I could really jam. I would love to play along with the Guitar Hero songs. I bought all the GH1 songs on iTunes and have them in a playlist. It rooocks!


My friend Ted played his gig at the Hard Rock Cafe. It was a good show.. i might sign up for it, perhaps. Its where they pair up people with other musicians of similar caliber, you practise a bunch, and then you play a small set (3 songs or so) at a public venue. :] The only things holding me back are a) time commitment, and b) distance required to travel to practise.


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