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holy crap!
I just finished my tax returns! ...
thank goodness for Turbotax on the web.
was pretty painless. Just tedious is all.

Buying a house has made a BIG difference.. even with 3 months.. my itemized deductions was $10k... also helped that I donated a LOT of cash to the church. Refund should be arriving.. and it should be enough to feed my music habit for AT LEAST a bit. Hmmmm..
Adobe Audition: $199
not sure what else is needed right now.
I guess, in the future, might use some real speakers for some gigs.
and if I went down the home recording route, a MOTU MkII might be in order, but i'm not there yet.

Although really i should send it to my CC debt. Ve Shall See.

Oh yeah! There's the "family history" archive project -- i need to get:
- a scanner that has a picture feeder
- some more capable DV editing software ... i need to splice multiple video feeds + audio + still pictures together EASILY.

Oooh my first big tax return ... goody goody

Hmm. I wonder if I should up my deductions from 0 to something else.


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