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Thursday night: Deader than a doornail.
We seem to be developing a tradition for Thursday nights...

we go out to eat (three times now, at Hometown Pizza)
we come home
we do parts of family meeting... Q gets his allowance... (he does his chores earlier in the day)
family meeting for me, my part, is, going over where we spent money during the week, what the bills are and stuff
we nail down what we're doing for the upcoming weekend

then M watches her CSI
and I go do some geeky thing or the other
and Q does various loud things

its good.

I find that by the time Thursday comes around, my energy is like SO low that I *have* to recharge somehow. I might go for a job later tonight.. hmm..

This weekend there's a couple of things going on..
an art festival thing that M would like to check out
possibility of working on cleaning up the garage so that both M+I can park in there (and thusly not tear up the lawn with truck tire marks)
I'm leading a meeting Sat night
I'm watching my buddy Ted play guitar at the Hard Rock Cafe on Sunday
Q might have someone spend the night tomorrow night

life is good.


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