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Nice card game
Davinci Challenge Card Game. M,Q and I played several rounds of this.. and we also tallied up points at the end.. Q won hands down, as he always does, with 110 points, and M came in second at 311, I hit the mark at 400.

Its ... very much like "Shithead" the card game that I used to play (that Robin M taught me, that was taught to her by some kids in Seattle.) Its a "consume cards as fast as you can", clearing-the-deck type game. Does not have pick up cards rules.

In other news.. the movers are moving the rest of my stuff in this coming Saturday. Its all packed up and ready to go.. we've made a spot for some of the bigger things in various places of the house, but most of it is going into the "dog room" for now. So much "stuff". *sigh*

Had dinner with the Franklins last night at Steve-O's Italian in Buckner. It was a wondeful family time. The kids got in trouble for a few too many pieces of food flying through the air (and bouncy balls too).. It was Lambert's birthday! soon! they're celebrating his birth week. We talked about a lot of things, including "corporate culture" and the trade-off's we were making to fit ourselves into a regular paycheck.

oh, i better draw this to a close. The mom & the kid are starting the morning ritual, where the kid whines: !#%!#$#$! grump grump, and the mom says: You *HAVE* to take a shower. (Kid was up a bit too late last night).

Life is Good


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